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IGN: Looking back at IGN's previews of Resistance: Burning Skies, the same idea keeps popping up: this is a handheld first-person shooter that feels like its console brethren. After shoehorning FPS games onto portables for years, having a true dual-stick shooter on the go is exciting -- it's just that Resistance: Burning Skies isn't. Burning Skies is a competent shooter with presentation problems that does little to thrill you.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr33898d ago (Edited 3898d ago ) seems if you own a Vita, it's just another game to add to the collection, nothing to set the sky on fire though.

Hisiru3898d ago

Well.. I will play the demo.

dcortz20273898d ago

I see what you did there.. reviews are nothing more than someone's opinion, for those in doubt, play the demo. I am a huge Resistance fan and I will be picking up Resistance: Burning Skies asap!

Peppino73898d ago

Dammmm I didn't think it would get that low of a score.

4Sh0w3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Hardcore Sony fans are so fickle. Always bashing reviewers when a exclusive doesnt get high ratings. Reviews have a place, they are important but of course YOUR opinion is ultimately what counts. Although its a true statement, how come its only regurgitated so much on less than stellar sony exclusive reviews, lol if this was a kinect game suddenly you'd have just as many hardcore sony fans trolling the review as if it were a fact. Now of course its " try the demo" or "I'll judge for myself" or "Reviews are useless", really but yet youre still here & everybodys so concerned with the score, that supposedly doesn't matter. I respect thedamage control theme of the comments here if the mood didn't flip flop so much. Whats funny is I've enjoyed plenty of games that have recieved low reviews but thats probably because Im not a graphics whore or extremely picky about minor flaws, I value creativity and most of all fun gameplay. I've also brought plenty of low scoring games thinking it cant be that bad only to find out I should of listen to the reviews, or actually wondering why the reviews werent much but if anything the metacritic for most games I've played are alot more often generally representative of the quality of the game alot more often then they are not. So YES whether you or I like them or not reviews do matter. Sometimes true gamers like us are just too stubborn because we wanted very badly for a game to be good , thats ok, thats just in a gamers nature but I hate when the little n4g kids try to discredit a reviewer by saying "well he gave _____ a ______ as if he should have been a robot and scored every highly praised game along with the masses, unless he gave tons of great games bad scores then it just proves what we already know, he's human, certainly doesnt mean he wrong about the current review. The best reviewers are the ones who don't care what everybody else think, maybe just maybe from time to time so of you hated something thats popular with the masses. I think the other than the original iPhone, since then thenew. iphones have sucked compared to the competition specs vs price, but hey I'm not a robot so I can appreciate alot of people disagree. Reading the comments here and the destructoid review comments really paints many here as just crybabies doing the usual damage control.

Gazondaily3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )


You could have thrown in at least 19,786 paragraphs in there.

Commander_TK3897d ago

Well said 4Sh0w. Sony fanboys are a bunch of hypocritical crybabies, and this is coming from someone who only owns a PS3.

MaxXAttaxX3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

You guys are acting worse than the fanboys you speak of.
None of the comments above you are bashing anyone.

4Sh0w3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

lol, No paragraphs, what are you septic, the grammer nazi, its n4g not my college thesis, as long as its readable it will do.

@Nathan, nah you know I'm right, no use debating my points because this site is well known for only further proof of what I said, so instead you point out that the comments above aren't bashing anyone as if it matters when the majority of the comments on this thread and destuctoid review are full of bashing or damage control posts just like I said. Only reason their ton has lightened on in is because now there are other low reviews, so it doesn't seem like Sterling was "just trolling for hits" after all. Don't get mad just cause you don't like me talking about it.

humbleopinion3897d ago

None of the comments above them are bashing anyone, but the comments below definitely do. Did they actually foresee the future or just noticed a predictable pattern in N4G comments?

Rainstorm813897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

the least you guys couldve done is post your rant under a comment actually bashing this review or reviewer.....Posting it under neutral comments makes it look like you are trying to troll the very people you dislike

@ Humble

I just read more comments below and The people bashing the Vita and Resistance in general outnumber the people bashing IGN or Greg miller

gaffyh3897d ago

@4Sh0w - It's not readable. And I can't see anyone bashing the reviewer, they're just wondering why the score is so low.

In any case, I'll check it out for myself, at least the demo, before deciding whether to get the game.

Awesome_Gamer3897d ago

Who cares about IGN anyways, i will buy this and i KNOW I will enjoy it

Lazy_Sunday3897d ago

Are people just fanboys? I mean I loved Resistance:FOM, but Resistance 2 sucked by comparison. They fixed those problems in Resistance 3, but remember--Insomniac didn't have anything to do with Burning Skies. I've even said in the past Burning Skies looks lackluster (with plenty of hate of course) but we really need to let the franchise go. Resistance died with Nathan Hale.

OhMyGandhi3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

I don't understand why Insomniac and whoever else at Sony went with Nihilistic to develop the game. Conan? Marvel Nemesis? really?

How about Sony Bend? the developer who did the Syphon Filters for the PSP (with Dark Mirror being a damn near portable masterpiece), not to mention Resistance: Retribution and others. They would seem like a logical choice to me.

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JoGam3898d ago

Play the Demo tomorrow. There will be a demo of the game. If you like it , buy it. See for yourself.

mushroomwig3898d ago


It should always be that way, people should rarely pay attention to reviews.

pixelsword3897d ago

Well, be being a staunch Lair (and to a lesser degree, Too Human) advocate, I can't say that depending upon reviews is something that I would advise, so if anyone can get the demo I would, therefore, advise that they give it a go. The problem with reviews is that most gamers are influenced too much by them, being that the majority are very young and all.

Conversely, despite my numerous accolades towards the Halo series, I turned down the purchase of ODST despite the glowing reviews from IGN and everyone else; because having sampled the game, I didn't think it would be worth the purchase. In the end, I was correct: although that decision was for me only, the general consensus was that ODST wasn't the best of the lot by a lot of people I had conversations with concerning ODST.

People possessing the intellect to look at a good or bad review, getting the demo, and making a decision independent of reviews are slowly becoming a rare gift amongst the thinking populace, sadly.

Now I just hope whatever decision they make will make them happy. :)

dark-hollow3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

ill try the demo myself.
even though i wont hold my breath.

Nimblest-Assassin3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Ignore the number, read the review. He said if your crazy for FPS's go for it... if not you can skip it... this is your choice... read the review, and ignore the number.

Wow 5 disagrees, this proves how much power a number has on gamers -_-

If you like FPS games, go for it... or wait for more opinions... never said the game is bad nor good.

Just saying for gamers to think for themselves, or actually read the review without focusing on the 5.5

GuruStarr783898d ago

hmmm.. I say the same thing on the Dtoid review and I get a bunch of disagrees... whatsup with that?

Nimblest-Assassin3898d ago

I think the blue shell gave them the wrong idea

an0nym0us3898d ago

Bullet sponge enemies FTL...

nathanhale3898d ago

They should have put me in the game like they did with Resistance 1 and 2 :)

Jazz41083897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

I thought most of this sony franchise was a wanta be shooter game as well as kz to try to compete with the 360s big shooters. The problem is the 360 wipes the floor with these sony games. When the only poistives you can find in kz is it looks pretty and I don't even see that you know you have issues. Insominac is no longer going to make any more resistance games due to the fact they are not very good and don't pay there bills. I expect we will get another Kz annoucement at e3 and this should be the last kz as sony does not have the money to sink in these mediocore games anymore. If you want to play a real shooter that does well and is even played competivley us dual console owners know the 360 is where the real shooters are and the ps3 hardcore will never except that unless of course you leave n4g then its widley excepted. This is my opinion and just like sterling I have a right to state it but off this site its more then just an opinion as the masses have spoken with their wallets. Good luck with these as I really don't want sony to fail but they need some major changes next gen if they want to stick around as they lost so much marktshare with the ps3 I can't think it will ever be considered a success and sony needs a saviour right now or a buy out. I feel blessed to own both consoles ad be able to tell the truth about them both as they both are not perfect in anyway but off of n4g sony is really struggling badly. Do you realize that xboxlive puts quality first part games out every week and they are reviewing better than and selling better than most sony exclusives at retail. Sony should concentrate more on games that cost less like flower and journey but they need to step it up as microsoft is releasing at least one exclusive a week on arcade and sony keeps announcing games for the ps3 retail years from release to try and make it look like they have so many games while the 360 matches them every game they release but because its not either a genere you care bout or its on live sony fans dismiss it while ms quitley prints money and sony closes studios and lays off employeess. Next will be chapter 13 for sony...mark these words.

Imalwaysright3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

1st 360 only has one FPS exclusive: Halo, so i do not understand where all those the 360 big shooter(S) come from?!!?

2nd RFoM is far from being a wanna be shooter and imo is better than any Halo. R2 and R3 were a disgrace trying copy CoD.

3rd If PS3 owners wanted to play better quality FPS they shoud NEVER buy a 360. They should invest on a PC where ALL the great shooters are.

SandWitch3897d ago

Congrats Nihilistic. You just f'ed up the game.

Yet I might pick it, couple of my PSN friends are going to buy this game. I'll ask their opinion and then decide probably. Also I'm looking forward to multiplayer.

But overall, I expected more from Burning Skies.

kevnb3897d ago

i guess sony didnt pay enough for advertising this time, not to say anything about the actual quality of the game. I think we all know how reviews work by now.

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EcoSos33898d ago

Damn now lets wait for more bad reviews just because IGN gave it a low score but I'm still getting it.

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Dark113898d ago

Well most of the handled games out there always get a bad reviews
for me i never really care about reviews.

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MySwordIsHeavenly3898d ago

Greg Miller?

Lol. Nothing to see here. Move on...

Kingdom Come3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Greg Miller, the self-proclaimed Sony Fanboy. It must be bad.

killerhog3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Never, (even before the hate on Greg miller was cool) did I think he was a Sony fanboy. I always thought miller was an undercover troll who should just go over to the other side of ign already. This was years ago that I had this feeling. In fact I hating him on the tester, felt someone else should of been there as a judge.

torchic3898d ago

but isn't Greg Miller the biggest Sony fanboy in the world? I mean he has the photo of I think the (now former) President of Sony on his desk. he gave Uncharted 3 a 10. so you'd think he'd give a Playstation game a better score, no?

TheFirstClassic3898d ago

Greg Miller really isn't a fanboy one way or the other like people make him out to be, but I often don't agree with his reviews so I'm not giving this too much weight.

P_Bomb3898d ago

A metric tonne of sites gave Uncharted 3 perfect scores. Miller doesn't stand out in that regard.

dubt723898d ago

You'd think so, unless the game is utter crap, lol...