PSN Introduces Ultimate Editions

On Tuesday, May 29th, the PlayStation Store delivers Ultimate Editions to the PlayStation Nation! We’re bundling terrific PS3 Full Games with all of their DLC and offering these Ultimate Editions at great prices with even bigger discounts for PlayStation Plus members! There is truly no better time to beef up your game collection. Choose from these awesome titles:

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Conzul4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

They are doing this because they are going to announce Ps4 and it won't have any BC. So you'll all buy a bunch of Ps3 stuff before the big announce (6/4/2012)

Flame on bitches.

slixshot4399d ago

@Conzul You make me lolz... :)

Conzul4399d ago

No really think about it.

The image says the Offer is good through 6/4. That's pretty much when E3 starts. They want a buttload of purchases before some big announce happens.

slaton244399d ago

6/4 is a week most sales last one week dream on about announcement of ps4 maybe next year

MAJ0R4399d ago

Sure it's unlikely that the PS4 will be announced, but you never know. This also could be because of Steam and Amazon sales, and Sony are attempting to compete.

ShinMaster4399d ago

*sigh* it's a sale. 30/%50 off = Good.

Kevin ButIer4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

Wow great titles... here I go Red Dead Redemption... what are the titles you are going to buy?

RumbleFish4399d ago

@MAJ0R: they don't really attempt to compete with prices like those.

rmedtx4398d ago

Sony supported the PS2 for years after the release of the PS3. I think they are still releasing games for it. I'm sure they will support it for a few more years.

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fermcr4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

Can't we already find these game prices on ebay ? And after playing the game we can resell since it's on a bluray.

orange-skittle4399d ago

All these games are old and I am sick of them trying to rehash old games at retarded prices. Repacking old games at prices that we could easily buy new arcade games for.

DJLB21154398d ago

*puts face in hands in sorrow*

some people :(


orange-skittle4397d ago

What are you...sheep? You keep buying games that you already bought just because they package it differently and include every in nice tight bundle? I don't know where you're from, but in my neighborhood we call that a sucka. Sounds like you're a sucka

bwazy4395d ago

I didn't buy many of these games, sorry the 7 billion people in the world don't have the gaming collection as you.

I'd keep going, but its way too clear that you're trolling on a redundant level.

LOGICWINS4399d ago

20 bucks for JC2 and ALL its DLC? SOLD!

Brownghost4399d ago

Terrible for pc but great for ps3

mushroomwig4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

They're definitely starting to push PlayStation Plus a little more now, hopefully at E3 we'll see some more features added to the service.

NastyLeftHook04399d ago

yeah, im glad they're doing this

gatormatt804399d ago

Yup. I'm a PS+ subscriber and IMO it's totally worth it.


Man, I can't wait to PS+ to be available in my region. They said it would be available here down the road. It was almost an year ago, when PSN here finally received a PS Store. Unfortunately they never had a release date setted, I just hope they get it going this year.

TopDudeMan4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

Yeah 50% off is awesome. I may take them up on it if I can find some space on my PS3... :(

edit: tenton- thanks for enlightening me, that idea never occurred to me.

GraveLord4399d ago

Sounds easy enough to buy a larger HDD but how will he transfer all his saves and stuff? The DLC and install data? all that will have to be done again and its a pain.

mushroomwig4399d ago


I'm not 100% sure but I think you can just back up your existing HHD using an external drive and then just restore it onto the new HHD.

TopDudeMan4399d ago

Mushroom, they let you transfer your stuff, but only if you have 2 ps3s. And you can't back up games.

homer4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

You can use an external drive. I did it, but it was a pain in the butt. I had some corrupted file, and I couldn't figure out which one it was so I ended up deleting all my games and installs. It then worked but I had a lot of redownloading to do. Still better than having to pick and choose, so I would suggest you go ahead and do it.