Mondo Reveals Mortal Kombat Poster

Interesting artwork. Before you finish them, make sure to grab Mondo's latest poster drop! The vividly striking Mortal Kombat poster with artwork by Lewis LaRosa is available now for purchase. The Mortal Kombat poster (MSRP: $85) is now available for purchase until June 17th.

Profchaos35d ago

Could just be a cameo in the real MK has been done before I do t follow mk1 DLC closely but there was a leak about boys dlc


Mortal Kombat Remaster Is Reportedly In The Works, Eyeballistic CEO Teases

A Mortal Kombat Remaster could be in development, as teased by the Eyeballistic CEO on Twitter through allegedly AI-generated images.

EazyC9d ago

Not a good look given that NRS has treated MK2

Soy9d ago

Just stop. Let MK breathe for a while.

Magic_Spatula9d ago

Didn't they have HD remakes of the first 3 games ready and for some reason decided not to release it? And also, wasn't a remake of the first game being developed already with all new actors portraying the original cast and they shelved that one too?

Pedantic919d ago

It's all they know how to do now huh ? Could've atleast have a look at remaking/remastering Shaolin Monks.


We need The Boys' Mortal Kombat rip-off to be real

GameSpew: Episode 3 of The Boys season 4 parodied Mortal Kombat with Vought's Tournament of Heroes. Now we want it to be real.

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Tzuno34d ago

we need Bolo Yeung in mortal kombat

The_Hooligan34d ago

lol at the start of the match he can "you are next!"


Didn’t Expect To See You Here: 5 Influential Fighting Game Guest Characters

Trevor Walker said: Fighting games have always been able to simultaneously experiment and innovate while staying true to their roots in the best of ways. Mechanics change, crossovers take place, and evolution occurs. One of the best examples of all three can be seen in the coveted guest character.

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