Exclusive: Jaffe says clue to next game hidden in new Twisted Metal

In an interview with GamePro, Eat Sleep Play co-founders David Jaffe and Scott Campbell say that a hint to the studio's next game is hidden in Twisted Metal: Head On.

In an interview with GamePro, Jaffe explained: "Listen, if you want to know what our next game is, it's absolutely revealed if you have a sharp eye in Twisted Metal Head On: Extreme Edition. It's hidden really, really, really well. And just because it's hidden in Twisted Metal doesn't mean it has anything to do with Twisted Metal. That's why it's so well hidden. It's a really cryptic riddle we put in there."

Jaffe and Campbell also sounded off on several other topics, including: God of War 3's development, those "one standardized console" comments, Calling All Cars, Eat Sleep Play's design focus.

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decapitator4668d ago

According to surfer girl, it is a new twisted metal title for PS3, specifically PSN. But they are just rumors at this point so no idea.

I hope he is working on a new IP like calling cars, that'd be awesome.

Dmack794668d ago

But still, Jaffe Please confirm GOW3 soon! I'm starting to get worried that we won't get it until like 2011 or some year very far away.

Panthers4668d ago

um GoW 3 was confirmed by Sony a little while back. Jaffe isnt making it.


that would be perfect , after mgs4

eagle214668d ago

lol...I will buy whatever Jaffe makes.

mavent4668d ago

smells like a goofy ploy to trick some hardcore folks to buy the game

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