What Exactly is a Hardcore Video Game?

AG writes: Since the dawn of 3D graphics back in the early 1990′s, the perception of the humble video game console has been drastically changed depending on who some people feel the entire hardware caters for specifically.

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123_3212425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

A hardcore game is a game that isn't going to make itself easy for the satisfaction of the inexperienced gamer.
It expects you to man up and grow a pair of balls - big ones. It's going to punish the weak and reward the strong. It's wants you to whip horses with chainsaws and drink oil while wearing army boots. It wants you to have knife fights with sailors with girls names and it wants you to eat metal for breakfast.
Now if you'll excuse me, i must go and comb my chest hair....

QuodEratDemonstrandm2425d ago

There are no hardcore games, only hardcore players.
I might have to write a blog to elaborate on this....

MurDocINC2425d ago

What's a hardcore player?
Skilled player or someone who plays alot?

QuodEratDemonstrandm2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Both. A hardcore player becomes skilled by playing a lot.

Look at Tetris. People see it as a 'casual' game, but.... hang on a sec.
(Looking at Tetris Leaderboard)

Zin_ss has over 1.5 million points. He currently sits at the top of the Tetris leaderboard. He would be a hardcore player.
I, on the other hand, am ranked 30065 with 375,702 points, whis isn't nearly as impressive; if such a thing could be said about a Tetris score.

Edit: added a comma to my Tetris score.

BuckyBarnes2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Hardcore games have multilayered storylines, gameplay that you cannot get bored with, something that doesnt run on a gimmick, and lastly, something you WANT to replay over and over.

I think we can justly say that there havnt been any hardcore games that have come out in a very long time. Last one for me personally (you cant include fighting games and multiplayer in this conversation, FYI HUGE street fan) was mgs4. Ive played that literally 5 times.

Reason you cant include multiplayer is, Even the really bad games, by nature, you can replay again and again. Example here would be something like mario kart wii, pretty bad overall when a handheld version is considered superior (mario kart ds) however, the game still made people play again and again.

CLOUD19832425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Why some ppl like the one who write this article struggle to understand what a hardcore game is? is it really so hard to get it? here a simple explanation, Hardcore is:

1st a game that dont keep your hand & show u the way from start to finish
2nd a game that need a skilled & experienced player to grasp it's gameplay and unlock all the secrets this has to offer
3rd a game that force u to use your brain in order to progress

I cant make u a list of which is and which is not hardcore game but I can give u an example from Wii, this console is 99% casual games, games that any little kid in elementary school can start and finish w/o a sweat, but now in the end of the console's lifespan Nintendo decide to release some games that is not obviously for little kids & casual gamers.

The best example is Xenoblade Chronicles, this game demands from u to invest countless hours to finish it & to use your brain a lot to understand the complexity of the gameplay that's a pure hardcore game 100% a game which if u decide to unlock all it's secrets u must be prepare to spent more than 150 hours.

telekineticmantis2425d ago

A hardcore game is a game with complexity, the difference between hardcore and casual is the difference between the level of complexity and simplicity. There are levels of hardcore, because there are games with hardcore controls, but not hardcore stories or themes. It's not just about complex gameplay, it's about complex story, art, design, graphics, controls. So Mario Galaxy,may have hardcore gameplay, but it has casual controls (because of the Wiimote), casual story, hardcore design and art, casual graphics.

IMO Metal Gear Solid is thee most hardcore game in gaming, looking at the story, controls, gameplay, design, art(may be the most casual part of it) and graphics. Not the reason I feel it's the greatest game ever, but I believe being a really core gamer by itself will make you have it in high regard.

beerkeg2425d ago

What a load of crap. Hardcore stories? Hardcore themes? Mario Galaxy has casual controls?

You, and many other people like you, make more of something than what it is. MGS is a game and Mario Galaxy is a game, and I'm sorry but either one of them is no more and no less 'hardcore' than the other.

In my eyes, even though I'm sick of the term being thrown around like a basketball, a gamer can be 'hardcore'. Although really, it's so vague it can mean any number of things.

A 'hardcore' gamer may want to complete a game as much as possible, and play it until they do. Which includes all secrets, endings, etc.

Or a hardcore gamer may well be someone who plays a game on a very,very regular basis. Such as a team based game.

It could even mean someone that buys every game they can, and plays them all.

Like I said, it's so vague it doesn't have much meaning. But talk of a game being hardcore because of 'hardcore' story or 'hardcore' art (which is ridiculous) is just nonsense.

Jourdy2882425d ago

Agreed. You know who some of the most hardcore gamers are? The soccer moms who invest billions of hours into Farmville. They play hard. They spend plenty of time playing. And they're just as rabid fanboys (fanwomen?) as their foul-mouthed-preteens.

telekineticmantis2425d ago

your a Mario fan, and the word casual hurts your feelings... Believe it or not, I was trying to say we are all Hardcore gamers, simply due to our dedication, but with that experience naturally you develop an uncommon intellectual aptitude for games. Your feelings aside, Logic shows the difference between you and a 5 year olds fondness is complexity.

I'm not gonna sit here and pretend like there's not a difference between me my girl friend (who is not a gamer), and my 8 year old godson when it comes to games and taste in it.

You make it seem like I called Mario a Kinect game. I like Mario games, but I can't help but notice that my nephew loves Mario, why? because casual(simple) themes, & story. But can he beat Mario Galaxy 2?... No probably not, he'll atleast have serious dificulty, because of the complexity in gameplay.

beerkeg2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

No, my reply to you was because I disagreed with your idea of what made a hardcore game, and the fact that I thought your idea of what made a game hardcore was pretty silly. I'm a fan of MGS just as much as I am a fan of Mario Galaxy.

Why you think I'd have my feelings hurt discussing games I don't really know, maybe you think you have strange internet powers. I'm not sure really, but it's interesting that you have that way of thinking.

Anyway, I had MGS when it first came out, I was 22 and my little brother was 12. We both played it, he managed to complete it before I did. We both enjoyed the game and both appreciated it.

With that in mind, who appreciated it more? Did I because I was older than he was? Was I more hardcore because I was older?

I think you forget what you were like when you were younger. When I was 8 I was playing games like Elite, which was quite complex at the time. And text adventures, some of which had very adult themes (even though I obviously shouldn't have been). I was better at games then than my elder brothers, who were also keen gamers.

Age does not make you a 'hardcore' gamer, and themes, art and story does not make a game 'hardcore'.

And I find the idea of a 'hardcore' game ridiculous. Games can be classified by type - rpg,fps,rts,etc - but 'hardcore' as a class on it's own is stupid, and vague.

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