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Sticky Trigger writes; "The idea behind Dragon’s Dogma was simple; an action-RPG with a strong mythological presence. Why had this never been tapped into properly before? Capcom rarely venture into the RPG territory as developers, and with a unique spin on the genre and the help of Hiroyuki Kobayashi (best known for his work on the Resident Evil series), there is a lot of excited for – yet wary of – from this ambitious project."

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alessandro104137d ago

"With the likes of Skyrim and The Witcher 2 showing just how good a fantasy RPG can be, it’s hard to be satisfied with something so under par is so many ways"

WTF is this shit, having more fun with this than does games

witcher great history but the gameplay with does qte and other stuff that dint like

skyrim i can a lot but the game enemies leveling with you is a killer for me, same with the lot

oh well opinions

andro274137d ago

100% agreed...

this game, together with Dark Souls, is all about exploring, developing your character, finding weapons, etc. Main story is not the focus. I just played about 10 hours and loving this game so far, planning with which classes I should finish the game. This will be my second platinum after Dark Souls.

Mutant-Spud4137d ago

The Pawns are an outstanding innovation, I released one I'd had for a few hours yesterday then met her today walking along a track out in the middle of nowhere, she'd gone up five levels in the meantime and had new gear.
It's just great to swap them in and out and see the results in combat, I've got a mage at the moment who's all set up for fire and she just incinerates mobs like it's going out of style and buffs your weapons as a priority.

Fylus4137d ago

Harsh review...

Absolutely LOVING this game myself.

Fylus4136d ago

Don't mind my disagrees. That's just DarkSniper spamming my account because I accused him of using multiple accounts.

mananimal4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

I would be interested to see what "Laxmans" review scores are for some other "Bigger" Publishers games were. Everygame has flaws, but do they take away from the overall feel & fun factor of a game in the GAMERS mind?, that is what is MOST IMPORTANT overall players expectations. I think THE INDUSTRY in general are the ones PUSHING the idea of CO-OP & MULTI-PLAYER on gamers, down are throats, making gaming into a SOCIAL thing for $$$ sake. Thats why I feel this review is not a good one. CORE Gamers dont really care about the SOCIAL ASPECTS(ONLINE multi player, ONLINE co-op) as much as we care about a good game & A plus would be OFFLINE CO-OP or OFFLINE multi player. We dont CARE about the ONLINE/SOCIAL stuff, THE INDUSTRY DOES, & their trying to INDOCTRINATE gamers into caring about what these GREEDY/CONTROLLING SOCIALITES care about , so they can make more $$ off the GAMER. simple. PS- I would say there is "a type" of gamer who CARES MORE about the SOCIAL ASPECTS to gaming, but its predominately #1 the "Competitve FPS crowd", the Socialopaths who want to beat on there chest & boast about how good they are at a VIDEOGAME(lol) , #2 you have the CASUAL SOCIALITES who like to play easier, more simple , streamlined games & talk with there friends as they do it, Nintendo & Mobile gaming helped create this bastard child, they just want to be RELEVANT, NOTICED, & appear SOCIALLY HIP to there friends, they dont play CORE GAMES like "Dragons Dogma", its not SOCIAL (lol) or BRAINLESS(mindless) enough for them. I DONT SEE no Journalist ever take this PARADIAM into account when reviewing games.

rjdofu4137d ago

Too many caps, no paragraph... Calm down :))...

mananimal4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

lol , I know, I know. didnt take time to paragragh, but reviewer is an INDUSTRY SHILL, No Way is Skyrim & Witcher 2 MORE FUN to play the DD, No Way PERIOD. Its like if the INDUSTRY SHILLS keep repeating the same dogmatic lies like Hitler, we`re suppose to buy into the Hype, GET REAL, we know the hidden agenda behind the bias, these lies are just old now, no ones buying it anymore, gee whiz man.

Tundra4137d ago

I bought the game, beat it and I am happy I ignored these reviewers. I loved the game.

WetN00dle694137d ago

EXACTLY!!! I stopped listening to what others say about games. Most if not all the times they are nothing but biased opinions. DDogma is an amazing and fun title.


Dragon’s Dogma has hit its highest player count in 6 years, following sequel news and discount

Dragon’s Dogma achieved its highest concurrent player count in over six years over the weekend.

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Father__Merrin461d ago

Excellent game spoilt by grindy combat and no fastbtravel the stones travel system was rubbish

lcslick461d ago

I'm doing my part to contribute to this. Found out my pawn had been a busy bee while I was away.

drizzom461d ago

Thats awesome. More people should enjoy this game.

HyperMoused461d ago

when i found this game i loved it and played the hell out of it, got to the demon in the expansion and after feeling pretty good at the game he wiped the floor with me, fatigue set in, but i need to get back into this i think, looking forward to 2 for sure.

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10 Years of Dragon's Dogma

Hideaki Itsuno, director of Dragon's Dogma, shares a message for the 10th anniversary of Dragon's Dogma.

3pm PT | 6pm ET

Spenok463d ago

So freaking stoked for this!


The Capcom Series Most in Need of Revival

Capcom recently revealed interest in reviving their dormant IPs, so it's time to look at which Capcom series would make sense to return.

Knightofelemia482d ago

Breath of Fire, Knights of the Round, Saturday Night Slam Masters, a proper Bionic Commando game, Ghosts and Goblins. I am all down for Dino Crisis loved 1 and 2 one thing I like about Capcom is their massive library of games that need to be brought back to life. Next to Konami, Namco, Sega, old Squaresoft, Capcom was and is another one of my favorite developers. I would like it if Disney would just let Capcom make a Marvel game or two or Disney should let Capcom handle some Disney games. Capcom pulled of some great games with both Disney characters and Marvel characters.

481d ago
Chevalier481d ago

All those plus Rival Schools, Powerstone, Darkstalkers, Dungeons and Dragons and Aliens vs Predator.

Terry_B481d ago

Rival Schools, Darkstalkers, Captain Commando, Dino Crisis and Breath of Fire.

CrimsonWing69481d ago

I feel like Darkstalkers will get SJWd, but I still want it