Ken Levine: ‘BioShock: Infinite’s’ Combat ‘Subtantially Evolved

Combat is one of the things that has evolved in a very substantial way. [In BioShock], you’d generally come across an enemy and the right way to deal with them – almost all the enemies – was to use the Electro Bolt, which was incredibly effective across the spectrum.

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ThichQuangDuck3482d ago

I am actually never thought I would say it, but glad that Bioshock Infinite got delayed and will not be at E3. I personally choose to skip out on Bioshock 2 because I want to see Irrationals vision of where it should go next and can wait the extra months for this game.

Ashunderfire863482d ago

Well its good that you did skip Bioshock 2. You really didn't miss much. The Big Daddy you play as in the game is just too slow to move, and the multiplayer was really disappointing. Bioshock Infinite is a breath of fresh air, its what I always wanted Bioshock too be. If you reserve the game on the PS3(which I did), you get to play with the PS Move, and Bioshock 1 is a free download for PS3.

ThichQuangDuck3482d ago

Will probably be getting the collector's edition for Xbox and a bigger hard drive so I can be sure this one is installed