Myst DS Comes to North America in March

Empire Interactive has announced that it will be bringing the DS version of Myst to North America in March. The well-known and much-played game has been given a facelift for its DS debut, including enhanced environments, re-mastered video, and the brand new Rime Age to explore.

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Leathersoup4668d ago

... yay?

Come on people. Yes, the DS is an ideal platform for adventure games. Yes there are a lot of old adventure games out there that can be ported to the DS. There is however one big problem, anyone who is interested in adventure games has probably already played them.
Would it be so difficult to make some NEW adventure games to put on the DS?

akaFullMetal4668d ago

whopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee.....................;)

Dark_Vendetta4668d ago

This game is BROKEN! DO NOT BUY IT. (look at the added pic to see what I mean + there a a lot of bugs and broken sound). And it's not just my copy, all are infected!! DO NOT SUPPORT THIS