Revisiting the Resident Evil Remake

IGN writes: Our project to replay each past installment of Resident Evil continues with a look back at the GameCube REmake.

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Cyb3r3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Just looking at those clips makes me think of how good the Resident Evil series could have been this generation if Capcom didnt change it into a third person shooter. Survival horror games are a dying genre even though they were awesome

fossilfern3527d ago

Yea imagine this game on the 360/PS3/WiiU! The graphics on the remake still hold up really well today but imagine the kind of pre rendered backgrounds they could get and how well the character models could look?

Now its just a generic TPS

Pozzle3527d ago

NGL, this is probably my favorite RE game of all time. Seeing all the old RE1 locations in updated graphics was great, but it's the atmosphere, the horror elements and the character interactions that I loved the most. That's what I think recent RE games have been sorely missing. I get why Capcom felt the need to update the gameplay, but why get rid of the horror elements and the creepy claustrophobic atmosphere? :(

Horny3527d ago

This ones my favorite resident evil. Zero was good too. If you have a Wii buy either the archieves version or the GameCube one, great game.

P_Bomb3527d ago

One of the games I bought a GameCube for. Still have it, and RE Zero.