Stranglehold TV Ad Banned In UK

Despite receiving only two complaints, the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ordered that a television advert for Midway's Strangehold is not to be broadcast again in its current form due to it "encouraging and condoning violence".

According to the ASA, the television advert showed "a prolonged shoot-out between four men" with a voiceover stating that "Honour is his code. Vengeance is his mission. Violence is his only option. John Woo presents Stranglehold. The next generation of action gaming has arrived". On screen text indicated that the images were "not actual game footage," and prominently displayed an "18" age rating logo at the end of the sequence.

One viewer of the advert complained that the adverts glorified violence and gun crime, saying it was "a dangerous incitement to susceptible people". The second complaint was made by a parent whose three-year-old son had seen the advert and thought it unacceptable for transmission before the 9pm watershed.

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mighty_douche4670d ago

the games the one that should be banned.

LJWooly4670d ago

Lol, I liked that one, good work, mate :)

Vip3r4670d ago

People who complain about violent games and adverts should be banned from breathing.

Hades13374670d ago

2 complaints? How pathetic is that?!

If the ad showed the exact same footage, but it was actually a film instead then there would be no problem. Its only banned because its a video game.

Fluffy2Duffy4670d ago

If voilent footage of a game is been adverise in tv.. then voilent movies should too...