SurvivalCast 85: Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Diablo 3

The @SurvivalCast crew of Tom (@Letsgetacid) and Craig (@NJMane) are set to discuss all the latest from the gaming industry. Tom renders his verdict on Diablo 3 and discusses the various technical difficulties he faced. Craig tests Max Payne 3's multiplayer, earns some unlockables via Hitman: Sniper Challenge, and describes his initial impressions on Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

This week’s news topics include the numerous special editions for Borderlands 2, Halo 4 Limited Edition content, Diablo 3 account hacks, Origins take on crowd-funded games, Just Cause 4, various game delays, release dates, Microsoft issuing refunds, Bungie's post Halo plans, revised Wii U controller, Gamestop Mobile, pre-loading scheme on PSN and more!

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