38 Studios and Going “All In” with Game Design

VGR: One problem might be something that I’m labeling “All In” game design. In poker, the concept of going “all in” is to push all of your money in on one bet, giving you a 50/50 chance of doubling your money if you win the hand, with the risk of going home empty handed if you lose. It’s a tremendously risky move, one that very few players actually use correctly.

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DevilishSix2337d ago

KOA was great and was a promising series, this is a shame. Hopefully the IP will make its way to an excellent developer so we may see more of this universe.

Fatty2337d ago

I enjoyed it a lot and hopefully we'll get some books or graphic novels out of it if we don't get any more games. I bought the game (Limited Edition) because the universe was compelling... I'd hate to see it end with just one chapter.

rdgneoz32337d ago

KOA was a good game, and it wasn't the reason for this happening. It was 38 studios investing all that cash into the MMO they were trying to make and had yet to show anything for. Probably not the best idea for an up and coming company that's taken a loan out to start things up, to invest all their cash into an MMO.

brettyd2337d ago

Who do they think they are the 2011 NY Giants ? "All In"