The Big Book of Controversies: Chapter VII

A continuous look at the various controversies plaguing the gaming industry. In Chapter VII: Rhode Island and Curt Schilling, Crystal Dynamics and the Tomb Raider "Rape" Comment, and BioWare's Dragon Age II and Mass Effect 3.

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nucky641422d ago

that "kingdom of amalur" fiasco was my biggest disappointment of the last gen. I loved KoA and couldn't wait to see what improvements (tougher enemies!!)they would make.....then came the bankruptcy. too bad - I still hope a good dev gets ahold of the KoA game assests and another trip to amalur is possible.

rdgneoz31421d ago

Surprisingly the game actually made money, but Shilling spent everything he earned from that and what he had left over from the loans on the MMO that never happened. They kept pushing back the reveal over and over, including when it was suppose to be shown at E3 right before it ended up getting canceled.

wastelander751422d ago

I liked the game. It wasn't like... mega-awesome, but visuals, gameplay, audio, all enjoyable. End boss? Too QTE-centric. I'm up for a straight up fight, not a cinematic "simon says"

But I'm with you. I do hope the courts settle things soon though, so someone can look the IP over, and hopefully do something with it in the near future.

1421d ago