Just Cause 3 - What we want from the ultimate sandbox of destruction

We can’t be the only ones who were caught off guard by Just Cause 2. Like the dictator of some tiny island nation, we were sitting on our gaming thrones, completely unaware, and then Rico Rodriguez crashed a flaming airliner into our hearts. We were blown away by the unlimited destruction offered by Avalanche Studios’ open world title. Better yet, explosions weren’t the only eye candy on display, the game boasted one of the most beautiful tropical locations we’d ever seen. Lush jungles, beautiful seas, rolling snow capped mountains far as the eye can see.

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user54670074405d ago

Totaly agree with the black market improvments, I hated how I couldn't select more then one weapon

Oh and I think once you've managed to get enough money for an item it then becomes free. Especialy the DLC ones, something I got as DLC I had to keep paying for them in the game.

I think the main thing they have to work on is bringing life to the massive map size. I hope they don't go backwards and make the map smaller.

Oh and I'm surprized this didn't mention co-op, it's the last thing this game needed. I'd rather them work on more important features then online

iamnsuperman4403d ago

I agree. Not selecting multiple items was a pain and the disappointment of paying real world money for DLC only to find I had to gain fake money to use it.

I hope they get even more ridiculous and I do hope they start populating the world. The area was nice and varied (which is great) however it would be nice to have some sort of population. Just Cause 2 felt really empty

Kingdom Come4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

I'd love a third installment within the Just Cause franchise, personally I find that whilst Just Cause 2 boasted a wide-spread selection of improvements there are still multiple flaws holding it back from being a big name franchise, what I'd live to see is:

- Better AI: This is an essential improvement, I know I'm not alone in stating the Just Cause franchises major flaw is it's weak combat, this is due to horrendous enemy and squadmates AI, improvements would be hugely welcome.

- A fluid cover system: Having to find cover by simply crouching behind cover and having that prove to be frustrating also is seriously out-dated, this mechanic has become almost essential within the TPS Genre and due to the grappling hook allowing for scaling up to high vantage point, it seems a perfect fit for the franchise.

- Co-Op: Whilst grasping on to the front of vehicles whilst shooting pursuing enemies is fun, the terrible driving of the civilian AI ruins the experience. With the franchises experimental havoc and stunts it seems only natural for such chaotic mechanics to be used with friends.

- Wing Suit: Whilstfree falling in Just Cause 2 was hugely exhilarating, it often felt as though you where falling straight downwards and was achieving little distance, a wingsuit for allow for long distance free falling, easier flying vehicle to flying vehicle hijacks and more.

- Better story/ Voice Acting: Anyone who's played Just Cause will understand what I mean....

- A more believable/lively world: Previous Just Cause installments have featured huge, beautiful worlds, however, they feel empty and NPC's seem like zombies, simply walking aimlessly and portraying not a single shred of believability, I more eventful, realistic world would be welcomed, also, give the player more to do within the world...

- Better structured campaign: As with story, people will understand what I mean.

- Parkour abilities: With the sheer agility of the Rico (The protagonist), the grappling hook and more, Just Cause 3 would be perfect for Parkour abilities.

Whilst I have suggested loads of improvements Avalanche can make with a third installment, it's only because the franchise has SO much potential and with the changes could be absolutely fantastic...

llMurcielagoll4403d ago

Personally from my Just Cause 2 Experience, Id love to see better gun aiming mechanics and better mechanics in car driving as well as better car sounds and not just "rev rev rev steady engine sounds".

Its just little things but I think I think it would be more fun to me if those things happened.

jessupj4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

For me the driving was terrible, it was like the wheels were made of ice.

Also it seemed I was running out of ammo every 2 seconds. For a destruction centric game I want to go a little crazy without worrying about ammo.

If they fixed those 2 things it would be well on it's way to being a much better game.

nik666uk4403d ago

JC 2 looked nice but played like shite

cstyle4403d ago

You must had a shitty version cause mine played beautifully.

TXIDarkAvenger4402d ago

I don't get the disagrees....am I missing something?

Why don't people want multiplayer? Exploring a large environment online sounds awesome to me...

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Games with average storylines but great gameplay

Some games make up for a lackluster story with excellent gameplay. These are some games with average storylines but great gameplay.

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shinoff2183428d ago

Who decides if a games story is average idefinitely ain't listening to no reviewers. I don't agree with most of then anyway. I think alot of them are to harsh on games so they can get clicks

banger88427d ago

Every Soulslike game ever made.

refocusedman427d ago

zelda has a story line? Actually do any nintendo 1st party games have decent (not even good) storylines?

NotoriousWhiz427d ago

Does Xenoblade count as 1st party? That's the only one I can think of.

NotoriousWhiz427d ago

Also, Ocarina of time definitely had a decent (but not great) story.

Brazz427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

Zelda average story line!? Zelda Story sucks, most time It comes to "save the princess", Nintendo sucks at story outside Fire Emblem and perhaps 1-2 other IPs.

DOMination-427d ago

Actually the Souls games and Zelda games share something in common, which is that they reward gamers for seeking out the story rather than thrusting it in their faces. Not saying this is better or worse, but it's unfair to say they don't have them.

People will be surprised to learn that if you dig a bit deeper into Zelda games, there's a whole lot of really dark and crazy stuff happening.

RaiderNation427d ago


Thrust in your face??? I assume by that you mean basic story-telling 101? Lol.

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P_Bomb427d ago

I platinumed both Niohs but for the life of me, couldn’t tell you what happened in the story lol! I can namedrop Nobunaga, but that’s about it.

ChasterMies427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

The pinnacle of bad story but great gameplay is Destiny and Destiny 2. What is the Traveler? What is the Darkness? What the heck is happening? No one knew. But shooting the aliens and robots felt so good.

Brazz427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

Article os about "average" story. But If you wanna talk about bad story but great gameplay you need to look at Nintendo, they are the masters at making poor shirt story on great gameplay.