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Tiffany Morales wrote: "Mass effect 3 is the third game in the electrifying Mass effect series. There are tons of exquisite lessons to be learned from the series as a whole. For one, it’s no longer an RPG. Looking back, Mass Effect 1 was somewhat an open-world RPG that allowed exploration beyond diameters we couldn’t imagine, and basically had too much “free space”. Mass Effect 3 does the exact opposite of Mass Effect 1 by completely removing any aspect of freedom. The linearity exposes how desperately the developers tried aiming towards casual FPS fans and it played out quite well. To narrow it down, Mass Effect 3 is an action game pretending to be an RPG while adding a bad ending."

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mananimal2364d ago

This game should have recieved this well deserved score of 7.5 from the beginning, but since gaming is just a huge CARTEL with game shill journalists(IGN, etc) working hand & hand with the sinister GAMES INDUSTRY CARTEL, it recieved 9`s, 9.5`s, & even a few 10`s, this all despite the flaws, bugs, & well documented "Controversy" that has ensued since its release. The fix is in.