TGS 2006: Six 1080p Games Playable on PS3

According to currently there are 6 games that are playable at TGS in 1080p. What considered to as lofty technical claims by critics and many alike are turning into a tangible reality.

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Geohound5847d ago

is this to fight the previous article about the 360's 4 1080p games? This is silly. I'll admit it's news, though.

UrbanJabroni5846d ago

Where is the article about the 360 1080p games? Could someone repost it or point it out?

calderra5846d ago

Xbox 360 will upscale all games to 1080p. The box (as far as I know) does not ouput native 1080p for games. HD-DVDs, though, will be native 1080p.

And yes, do a perspective check: Maybe 2% consumers own 1080p HDTVs. And in 5 years, that's projected to still be under 10% even optimistically.

1080p basically doesn't matter, no matter what either side wants to think. But hey, it's nice that both consoles have it now. And maybe 360 will even have some native 1080p games.

All 3 people here who have true 1080p will be overjoyed!

bilal5847d ago

if it feels like that, i opened, there were 2 pieces of news that were not yet posted so i posted them.(1st being this and second bieng ps3 dashboard & browser) but i agree it is just after the 4 games 360 news

zonetrooper55847d ago

its ok bilal as all this news will produce some sort of flame war. I just want this news to be accepted already.

zonetrooper55846d ago

Something is kinda wrong with this site as it accepts all the PS3 news at the moment and not the Xbox 360 news which is very weird.

Marriot VP5846d ago

yah whats up with the 360 1080p games like doa and lost planet that got denied. It like had 36 comments on it and they erased it.

I'd like to hear a reason for this from a moderator.

bilal5846d ago (Edited 5846d ago )

sometimes it accept news which have already been posted many times and often it doesnt accept very legit news.
i think that 4 1080p 360 story didnt make it, was legit i thought.
They should have a fixed criteria, not a variable one for news submission.

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The story is too old to be commented.