Game industry rallies around 38 Studios employees after layoffs

XMNR: Game developers from around the United States rallied to 38 Studios employees after reports that the company laid off its entire staff on Thursday. Studios took to social media outlets to let those affected know that there are jobs in the game industry to be found.

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zeal0us2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Man don't see 38 studios surviving long. Not to mention all the money they owe the state. Doubt EA will help them out. Guess we can kiss that MMO goodbye unless someone buy the rights and license for it.

egidem2341d ago

It's sad and totally sucks that the entire staff was laid off. We're talking about lots of people who pour in so many hours and raw talent into doing the things they love the most - making video games.

It also makes me happy to see how the rest of the industry reacts to this. They know layoffs just ends people's jobs and the negative impact this can take, and I'm glad they're offering them jobs. Hopefully everyone laid off will once more find a job.

Emilio_Estevez2341d ago

That's really cool of those other studios.

WildArmed2341d ago

That sucks, I really liked Kingdom of Amalur. Was hoping the game would do better and get them outta the rut.
I still hope to see more of these developers work in the industry thou, even if it's not under 38 studios.

torchic2341d ago

38 Studios is trending worldwide on twitter. wonderful response from the gaming community.

ElementX2341d ago

No it's not. 38 studios isn't even in the top 10

Queasy2341d ago

#38Jobs was briefly in the top 10 after the news first broke.

Son_Lee2341d ago

The Amalur IP has a lot of potential. Hopefully it won't fall victim to these layoffs.

More importantly, hopefully all these employees will find work soon. They're talented enough for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.