Five Awesome Anime Games

Japanese animation has come a long way, since the days of its niche appeal.

And nowhere is that more apparent, than in the way that gaming has embraced it.

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NewMonday3908d ago

FotNS was horrible between boss fights, but as a fan i endured

VTKC3907d ago

I regret buying Asuras Wrath. I should of consulted reviews of the game. Fist of the North Star however I was ok with. I wish there were more characters. I hope they do another one.

Hicken3907d ago

I loved Asura's Wrath. There was more story than I expected- and it wasn't poorly done, either- and the action and gameplay were very fun. Granted, it was a little too short, and Capcom stuck their hands into the development to make the real ending DLC, but that didn't stop me from enjoying every moment.