Half-Life 3 rumor roundup

Half-Life 2: Episode Three is close to rivaling Duke Nukem Forever as one of gaming’s greatest combinations of rabid anticipation and agonizing delays. With fans unceasingly demanding info and concrete details from Valve, they’ve taken to digging through every bit of Valve game code and comments from Gabe Newell in the search of news on Episode Three.

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user54670072337d ago

"No more "isolated single-player"

"implementation of single player with join-anytime multiplayer elements mixed in, there’s a good chance that Valve might do the same. Or maybe they'll throw in a co-op campaign, similar to the one found in Portal 2"

Hopefully Not

HL is single player and should never have online or co-op unless it was like HL2 Deathmatch when it's released AFTER the game has came out. I feel like they should of done the same for Portal 2

OcelotRigz2337d ago

Agreed, Half-Life is all about the singleplayer experience.

I love Valve for the same reasons i love Rockstar; they do what they want when they want, they dont jump on the "whats hot" bandwagon, they're very creative and fresh; when you play their games it never feels like 'been here, done that' like so many games this gen does. But most importantly of all, they respect gamers.

But they're complete bastards for keeping us waiting so long for Half-Life 3/Ep 3, i know im contradicting my first point above but c'mon, give us something, anything, even a pixel, one little pixel from a screenshot of HL3.

t0mmyb0y2336d ago

Agreed. I love how much work a dev can put into a game when they don't have to worry about online. That's why so many shooters have a sh!tty SP, they are more worried about the longevity of their game (online). However I do trust Valve with anything they do.

pandehz2337d ago

Nope its not rivalling Duke Nukem at all in terms of delays.

They haven't even announced its existence or well its practical existence.

irishyort2337d ago

They are probably doing the "Orange Box 2".

Also making a Vita release takes a bit more time these days to get it "approved" by Sony NA. Yes you read that correctly, a Vita version is coming....

I think there is also a wishful thinking version coming too. I wouldn't be at all suprised if HL3 never got released and they abandoned it altogether. Portal 3 would be far more lucrative.