Ghost Recon Future Soldier (GunSmith Mode) PlayStation Move Analysis

Check out this in-depth analysis of the PlayStation Move implementation in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier. (Yes, it does support Move, albeit only in GunSmith mode, like the 360/Kinect version).

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Iceman X4404d ago (Edited 4404d ago )

They didn't add PS Move support for the entire game because Kinect can't be used for the entire game. This would have caused an outrage in the gaming community. And M$ could have paid them to not do it also. It could have also been the fact that PS Move support was last minute and they didn't have time to get it in 100%. Well we'll never know. And wow you can't move in the firing range with Kinect?? LMAO M$ paid them to force Kinect support, that's my opinion. I got PS Move and i would love to play this with my PS Sharpshooter.

SamPao4404d ago

hm yeah this could have been totally cool if used for the entire game...but like this?
is there anything more useless than this?
oh wait
there is
called "the kinect version"...
wow, I really can't imagine ANYone playing this like advertised...so stupid

GribbleGrunger4404d ago

Iceman, that is spot on. there can only be ONE reason why they wouldn't have extended MOVE support to the entire game. money needs to stop being the deciding factor when it comes to game content and peripheral implementation.

baodeus4404d ago

If money isn't the deciding factor well then we wouldn't even b here to argue about game in the 1st place. There would b no sony,ms or nintendo as well as ND or bungie for example. Where have u been all this time? In some galaxy far far away?

Well if sony want to they should pitch out some money because no one want to work extra hours for free so that a a few people can play on a somewhat unpopular peripheral.

What is that guy down here fighting for Kinect. What u said is true that it can b implemented, but currently its Te h isn't there yet. It could b improve though in the future but who knows when that gonna be. I think it has better chance in dancing and especially RTS games.

from the beach4404d ago

Uh, no guys - users of both Kinect AND Move got screwed with this lame, part-implementation as both versions could have easily had full motion control.

And money clearly isn't the "deciding factor" as in this case both systems got the same features!

Iceman X4404d ago

Same features?? expina to me how would you side-step, walk forward or backward with Kinect? Kinect will NEVER be used for a 1st or 3rd person shooter. PS Move has been already PROVEN to work for MANY 1st and 3rd person shooters, name 1 1st or 3rd person shooter that Kinect has been used.

from the beach4404d ago

Moving a character isn't an issue as several games (Haunt, Kinect Rush, Rise of Nightmares etc) have shown - you either use your feet or, if the game doesn't need it for something else (ie combat), your left arm.

Kinect will make for out-of-this-world, mind-blowingly AMAZING first person and third person shooters.. sadly not Future Soldier, though.

Wh15ky4404d ago (Edited 4404d ago )

LOL! Good one, fromthebeach!

IcemanX hit the nail on the head with his first comment, IMO.
I honestly don't see how anyone with half a brain can argue with what he said.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn4404d ago (Edited 4404d ago )

No. You are lying and you know that.

Just Move users got screwed. Move actually works so good with full implementation in both FPSs and TPSs that with some games you can forget the controller forever ( ex: Socom 4, Killzone 3 ). Online too.

Kinect just can' t, full stop. And it won' t in the future, it' s different because is sucessfully designed to do other things ( casual gaming only ). Is that simple.

Is well known that: to deny the obvious is an exclusive privilege of the man ... But it' s not enough: facts are stronger and louder than any lies.

We all know Microsoft paid Ubisoft to screw Move in this game because they obviously know Kinect won't be effective enough.

from the beach4404d ago

Good one indeed, since the games I mentioned do indeed prove that you can move effectively in a game world using Kinect. Full stop.

And how exactly am I lying, lol? If anything you guys are the ones leaping to wild assumptions like "Microsoft paid Ubisoft not to make the game take advantage of Move", which to me sounds like proper tinfoil hat lunacy.

TheFirstClassic4404d ago

You seriously think the kinect would be as useful as the move in this situation? Kinect players would be at a huge disadvantage, there is no way they could be as precise as move or controller players would. The aiming is to inaccurate, your finger is too small to tell exactly how it is positioned all the time so you would be accidently shooting all the time, and moving itself would be more difficult than an analog stick. The whole game would be clumsy and awkward on kinect, i have no idea how you can think otherwise.

from the beach4404d ago

I really do think it dude, I'm not just making this stuff up you know!

The crosshair WILL move faster under command of your arm rather than with a thumbstick - as for aiming, that's a matter of how good you are.

If the Gunsmith demonstrates one thing it's that opening your palm to shoot is extremely fast and responsive, and I expect that to become the default mechanism in the future.

Now obviously Kinect and Move players won't be directly competing, but against controller players I think both have a big advantage.

AND - I think that is the reason this game and many others aren't supporting motion controls as they should.

Wh15ky4404d ago

"If the Gunsmith demonstrates one thing it's that opening your palm to shoot is extremely fast and responsive, and I expect that to become the default mechanism in the future."

LOL! We heard it first here folks, Jazz hands is the default firing mechanism for future Kinect shooters.

It's just aswell your out of bubbles because your patter is embarrassing.

Hicken4404d ago

Seriously, how DO you have five bubbles?

Using the Move for FPS/TPS games gives you an advantage over a controller, when done right(Killzone 3). Sorry, but the Kinect just can't do that: if you tried to play somebody with a controller while using the Kinect, you'd get murdered. Literally. And you'd be burnt out and tired long before they were.

Move users had the potential to have an amazing optional gaming experience with Ghost Recon. But because what they get is limited to what the Kinect can do, they got shafted.

None of the games you mentioned require the precision of Killzone or SOCOM. None of them are as intuitive or responsive. All your arguments fall flat in the face of what IS in gaming RIGHT NOW.

You keep making these lame-ass arguments, which you get to drive into the ground with all those bubbles. It's just one more example of how broken the system is.

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Shadonic4404d ago

There has actually been movement like side stepping in the game since E3. The shooting lag is barely noticeable from what ive seen of picture and picture game play. In the kinect addicts and some on the floor E3 vids when the player steps to the right or left the character on screen does the same. Its actually very simple to come up with controls it just takes a bit more thinking. the cover system could be implemented easily to by having your right hand function as a sort of cover choice.

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neutralgamer194404d ago

Lol at someone saying kinect could have fully been implemented for the whole game wth have you been since the release of Kinect and the abomination it has been shown to be. You didnt get the memo? Only dance games with noticeable lag and voice chat features are suitable for Kinect anything more us toocomplex.

from the beach4404d ago

Lol at not replying directly to me above and instead hiding your little comment down here.

What I've been doing since Kinect launched is playing the damn thing, beating up zombies with my bare fists, shooting light beams from my fingertips at jewel-encrusted whales IN SPACE, dodging bullets with my whole body and kicking doors in like the greatest badass that ever lived.

CernaML4404d ago

Kinect makes you feel like a badass..

Now I've heard it all...

Shadonic4404d ago

not really again its been implemented into games like bulletstorm, street fighter, and skyrim for about a year now something that's been featured on kotaku i believe and still so many people repeat that same thing " only good for dance games". The lag really is not noticeable unless your just trying to find some instead of focusing on playing the actual game correctly. Though its been implemented in many different games there's still more innovative things that can and have been done with it while all ive seen with move is .... not much except for maybe sorcery which is good. It does sadden me to see that while highly funded game designers are losing in the creativity market to just regular people who have some know how of coding and a lot more imagination. I still have to count for the idea that 100s of ideas usually get thrown around or out during production. There both good motion controls but 99% of the hate on kinect is just blind hatred for something they cant entirely wrap there heads around.

HmongAmerican4404d ago

The human brain is not design to work with something it can't touch/fell. Unless we can control thing on screen with chips implanted inside our head. Well, that's tech is still a long way off and expensive.

Sirik84404d ago

Who even has a Move anymore? The biggest flop in gaming history since the gyro-bot from nintendo. Lets see, pay to kill the use of something already dead. Sony fans are comical even when they see their favorite company stock tank like a north korean rocket.

Iceman X4404d ago (Edited 4404d ago )

Well from what i saw Bioshock 3 or whatever it's called will be the 1st game to have PS Move and no Kinect, hmmmm i wonder why??? When Kinect can show me a 1st person or 3rd person shooter then maybe we can talk. I mean MAG, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Socom 4, even Dust 514, damm how many times they gotta put PS Move in games for people to see it works. It takes some getting used to yes, but it works. My point is what BIG AAA games use Kinect??

from the beach Said:

"Moving a character isn't an issue as several games (Haunt, Kinect Rush, Rise of Nightmares etc) have shown - you either use your feet or, if the game doesn't need it for something else (ie combat), your left arm."

Have you played any of these none AAA games? Because yeah go to youtube watch some vids or review and see just how bad they are and they don't work,and yeah you look like a retard playing these games with thier rediculus Kinect control. If Kinect was so good why Gears 3 or Halo Anniversary doesn't have Kinect support?? I mean damm Sony's putting PS Move in all their exclusives. Why M$ not doing the same?

Shadonic4404d ago (Edited 4404d ago )

Im not being a fan boy or anything Im just trying to spread some knowledge to you. There's motion controls and then there's is just bad game design and fear of taking risks you speak as if rise of nightmares tanked just because of the kinect controls while having read previews where they praise the game and reviews where they say its OK and the controls sometimes mess up and seeing and playing them about 90% percent of the games ive played are actually pretty good. Yes rise of nightmares controls did suck zombie balls but that was just a bad control scheme for turning that mostly doomed it but in the end they showed that movement was possible and DBZ kinect which was going to bomb like ultimate tenkaichi ( a non kinect game ) is also going to be doomed not by kinect but by just horrid game design and laziness for not trying anything new. If I knew how to code and animate and do everything to make a game i would make one that would interest you but i lack the skills to do this and even though there are people who like the gentlemen in the video have applied great controls to existing games with kinect he has been blocked out by the constant hate kinect gets. Microsoft i have to say from all this time of support has no idea what there doing it seems and honestly they can do a lot better. Its not the kinect its the people behind kinect that push for what comes out and from what ive seen there not pushing hard enough. Here's that first person game play you asked for he also has bulletstorm a first person shooter third person is basically ghost recon which basically had a sort of movement system in there and just needed a cover system honestly for a fully functional kinect shooter to work.

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SullysCigar1006d ago

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