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Following the disbandment of Zipper Interactive as well as Codemaster’s Operation Flashpoint team, the audience for hardnosed military verisimilitude seems to have all but disappeared. Pleasingly, Ubisoft’s Red Storm, Paris, and Romania teams have streamlined just enough tactical elements into Ghost Recon: Future Solider to distinguish the game from its action-oriented contemporaries.

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sharpsword2342d ago

Good review, except no mention of the Kinect integration.

CharmingMan2342d ago

Its just for the Gunsmithing mode. You can swing weapons around. If you don't have a Kinect you're not missing a thing.

madmad2342d ago

Wasn't thinking about getting this one, but the reviews are saying it's pretty good.

haggishurler2341d ago

It is really a very good game everything seems to be very fluid when you play it the animations are incredible.

RaptorMan2342d ago

Not a bad review. I'm curious about why the reviewer didn't like the last part of the game though.

Titanz2342d ago

This game does look good, though.

mediastudies2342d ago

There's still ARMA for PC players.

pr0digyZA2342d ago

? Isn't this one also coming to PC with dx11 etc...

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