Blizzard and A Lack of Security passwords are not stored by Blizzard in a case-sensitive format, essentially opening the door to account hacking.

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Christopher2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Eh, this isn't "opening the door" but it is a slight reduction.

Meaning, usernames are rarely stored based on case sensitivity and aren't opening doors to hackers. Doing it with passwords while still allowing numbers and special characters isn't opening the door either. You're removing some of the work it would take to 'hack' the password, but it's far from easy. So, it may take 1/10 less time to hack the password or brute force one's way in. But, what prevents people from doing that are other security implementations, not the fact that an A != an a.

Psychotica2365d ago

Wow, that is unbelievably negligent, how stupid can they be??

2365d ago