The Puzzling Success of Star Wars Kinect

Ironically, Star Wars Kinect was recently released and despite the average reviews the game has sold very well. The bigger question is why and who's buying the game?

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JimmyJames702342d ago

I'll probably pick this one up for the kids when the price drops.

arbitor3652342d ago

why dont you get them a good star wars game?

like the lego star wars "Complete saga" on xbox or PS3

SilentNegotiator2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Nothing to see here, folks. Kinect Star War's "puzzling success" is less than 800K sales as far as we can tell (if it isn't announced at the million mark, 99% chance it hasn't).

That is nothing impressive for a bundled game, and plenty of lower rating games have done better (even DNF).

lol, only the xbox could get away with 800K for a bundled, high profile franchise game being a "puzzling success" in the eyes of game journalists.

arbitor3652342d ago

"who is buying the game?"

idiots. isn't it obvious?

it is sad today that people have this notion that they should be buying low quality, casual crap for their kids because apparently that is all a kid is capable of playing. its nonsense. there are plenty of legit, quality titles that even little kids can play and enjoy. you dont need to feed them schlock like "kinect star wars."

even IOS games are a sound alternative to this crap

Wikkid6662342d ago

Just because you call it crap doesn't mean there are millions of kids out there that would really enjoy it.

arbitor3652342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

So what? kids will enjoy the recent "Smurfs" movie or "alvin and the chipmunks" movies. that doesnt justify the creators setting their quality to the lowest standard possible. something can still be aimed at kids and be well made. Pixar movies are a fine example of that (most of them, anyway). They have lasting artistic appeal and it will stick with kids for the rest of their lives.

in the realm of games, there are hundreds of great games that little kids can play and enjoy and continue to enjoy as they grow older. games that actually offer them an engaging, lasting experience. Here are some of these games

puzzle games like Dr mario or boom blox(one of the best puzzle games in recent memory)

countless platformers (a great recent example would be littlebigplanet 1 and 2, not to mention hundreds of other platformers on older consoles)

the lego games (specifically the star wars ones)

co-op beat em up games such as the Ninja Turtles games (something that is generally age appropriate). its something you can play with them

even something like fruit ninja on the ipad

there are countless better options than "star wars kinect." end of story. there is no reason to buy an inferior product for your kids

Wikkid6662342d ago

LOL! my point just went right over your head. You know what? Kids don't care what you like. You might think it's crap. They might think it's the best game ever.

I think Sponge Bob is stupid... kids love it.

SilentNegotiator2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Like Arby said; kids ARE idiots. lol

But we live in the foolish "give your crying kids whatever they want and never spank them" era; people don't have the initiative to introduce their kids to QUALITY MEDIA when they bounce around on a sugar high to the beat of a trialer of rabid chipmunks singing lady gaga songs, begging to go see it.

And hey, I understand that there isn't a LOT of choices in the G-rated department, but they're out there.

So pull away the chocolate frosted sugar bombs (I hope someone appreciates this reference), pull them away from the TV, and at the least, put something decent into the DVD player (better yet, give them something stimulating like....ohhh, IDK, a good video game that makes them think).

Oh and by the by; watch what your children watch. You'll come to realize how much children are molded towards MTV from childhood by some of the stations that (especially) Viacom owns.

It's a matter of effort, people. Connect the dots, work, put good in and get good out.

oNIXo2342d ago

It's just for the R2D2 console, nothing else.

BlackTar1872342d ago

yea seriously i have 2 360's and i don't need another butiw as tempted to get that console my inner geek was grabbing at it every time i passed one.

mushroomwig2342d ago

Why? Isn't it obvious? People buy this game thinking it's the motion control lightsaber game they've been waiting for all their life.

kevnb2342d ago

i know its hard for people who spend 100s of hours reading about video games on the internet to understand. However, its freaking star wars kinect, need we say more?

MetalProxy2342d ago

Put the words "Star wars" on any god damn thing and it will sell. I would have it right now just for the cool looking xbox but I dont want that kinect crap.

Chug2334d ago

What do you mean? Kinect is the future of REAL video gaming ;)

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