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Our brains seem obsessed with the laws of gravity – everyone’s had terrifying dreams where they’re plummeting from great heights, or uplifting dreams of taking flight while on foot. Gravity Rush, from Sony’s Japan Studio, combines these two sensations with such a wonderful, vivid approach that it’s worth playing for its physics-warping mechanics alone. But as luck would have it, the gravity powers are only one piece of the pleasing puzzle – GR also brings a lively setting, charming characters, and wonderful music and graphics to the palm of your hands. As of this moment, it’s the best reason to own - or consider buying - a Vita.

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gijsbrecht2366d ago

Glad I pre-ordered this gem.

2366d ago
dark-hollow2365d ago

THIS is exactly what i want for my vita!

DivineAssault 2365d ago

im buying it despite the 3 mediocre scores beefjack, ign, & destructiod gave it.. most other reviews say its a truly unique title & one that showcases vitas features the right way.. many great scores and 4 mediocre wont stop me from buying this... All i have to say is STUDIO JAPAN baby! never a dull moment with them behind the wheel

MasterCornholio2365d ago

Next stop