12 Games Boycotted For Incredibly Stupid Reasons

TB writes: Any notion that we don't live in an overly litigious age went out the car-door window when that Albuquerque granny spilled McDonald's coffee all over her aging pubic mound in 1994 and thought, "Gee, I think I have hundreds of thousands of dollars coming to me... also, ow, my pubic mound." We love to get pissed off about the trivial and ideally grab headlines in the process.

Nowhere is this more evident, perhaps, than in the world of videogaming. Over the years there have been plenty of games boycotted and whined about for somewhat legitimate reasons like excessive and wanton sexuality and running really fast with really really sharp scissors. But these aren't those games. These are games that were boycotted and bitched about for the dumbest, goofiest reasons anyone could imagine.

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Hellsvacancy2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

I was going to boycott the new Hitman game because David Bateson (47s voice actor) and Jesper Kyd (composer) got dropped

But after seeing loads of gameplay i kinda changed my mind, im not that petty

Im Still pissed there not in it though

Trenta272342d ago

I am sad about David not returning. His voice will be missed as I snipe some people =/

As for Jesper, I'm not surprised that he isn't returning. He hit it big time with the Assassin's Creed series. He's off doing AC3, Darksiders 2, and more. Here's to hoping he has a wonderful career, which I'm sure he will. He is a genius.

FriedGoat2342d ago

Have you seen the game? It looks so BAD. This will not live up to the franchise and will be a disgrace. The sniper challenge alone was the most retarded thing I have ever played and should never have the name Hitman attatched.
Hopefully they realise what a mistake the whole thing is.

FriedGoat2341d ago

Don't know who is disagreeing, but they obviously haven't played a hitman game.

Tomonobu Itagaki2342d ago

WTF Jesper Kyd? Seriously?
He accompanied the Hitman series since its creation, it's an heresy to not let him compose Absolution's soundtrack !

Nimblest-Assassin2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

I was never familiar with the Hitman games, but Kyd did a great job with Assassin's Creed Revelations soundtrack...also I looked up the demo for H:A... who voices 47 now?

SolidStoner2341d ago

"I was going to boycott the new Hitman game because David Bateson (47s voice actor) and Jesper Kyd (composer) got dropped "

wow, you have to be kidding, that was the most important part of the Hitman series ... such a bad news.. hope its not true!

roadkillers2342d ago

Haha, type in Sambo on Scribblenauts and a watermelon appears. Intentional or not, that is funny.

Whitefeather2342d ago

LittleBigPlanet wasn't boycotted by any Muslim I know, I even have one of the copies that is unpatched. Get your info right next time.

PersonaCat2342d ago

Where does he say that the Muslims known by you were the cause? The game was delayed, I would know as I was unable to purchase it. I didn't know it was against the law to use parts of the bible, Qur'an. I still don't get why it was an issue to begin with.

Whitefeather2342d ago

Because I live in a Muslim country and I am Muslim myself. Nobody care in the middle east, only people in the west.

Ranma12341d ago


"Nobody care in the middle east"

is that why they burn down embassies and protest violently over a "drawing of muhammad".

Whitefeather2341d ago

When you insult the Prophet that is another thing. This is just a game with two verses of the Quran. That other disgusting act was an insult to a man long dead who was kind and helped the needy and has absolutely anything to do with the extremists so please don't try and compare these two.

MacDonagh2342d ago

There was a hubbub about it that caused a delay.

Here is a radio video featuring Richard Dawkins and a muslim discussing the thing.

Whitefeather2342d ago

The reason Sony delayed it was they didn't want any problems and they dealt with it before any problems happened.

MacDonagh2342d ago

I've decided to never buy another EA/Bioware game since the ME3 debacle. Voting with your wallet is the only way that companies will stop their immoral practice.

ziggurcat2341d ago

what immoral practice? being butthurt over an ending doesn't mean the company's doing anything immoral.

Nimblest-Assassin2341d ago

You realize EA is a publisher right? They don't make games, they fund them.

Like it or not, this is a business, not some happy go lucky everything is free good time fiesta.

Look, they are a business... people are losing their shit at them for trying to make money.I mean, people act as if they are violating human rights or something.

The ending was disappointing, and yes Bioware did betray the trust they made with the gamer, but atleast they are trying to mend it.

I actually agree with the article writer... the entire ME3 controversy, not just the ending was completely stupid.

1) People voted on the femshep, then people complained that the model was overly sexualized, due to her hair colour.YOU PEOPLE VOTED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE! And then Bioware opened up a new poll to change her fair color, and now we have the new standard fem shep... also, Im sure most people already had their own Shepard, so why complain about the standard?

2) The DLC bitching is consumerism at its finest. EA is a business, they new how anticipated ME3 was an they capitalized on it. Hell it even won "Most anticipated game of 2012 on the VGA's" so they tried to squeeze every penny out of it. People need to stop this notion that all extra content should be free. EA puts a set amount of funding into a game. If it goes above that funding, content must be taken and charged extra for it... they are a business.

3) The ending is the only thing I agree with, but atleast Bioware is attempting to make it right with the extended cut... if it will satisfy players, or still leave them pissed of is left to be seen.

Look, these are businesses.. their goal is to make money. Some businesses care about their costumers, where as some really care about the money, and act like they care in order for damage control or in order to generate customer loyalty to guarantee their products sell...

That line is way to blurred... and we can not tell exactly who is who on that spectrum... the only people who know where they are on that spectrum are the businesses themselves

MacDonagh2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Thank you for the reply Mr Nimble but with all due respect, EA are much more than a publisher, considering the fact that they have their own in-house developers, not to mention the various studios they've acquired over the years. My objection to EA and Bioware goes far beyond supposed healthy business practices because EA haven't exactly been raking it in as of lately but then again; why should we expect them to? Because they are big, have terrible customer service (Origin) and treat their employees like dogs? This notion that they are above reproach because they are a faceless corporation that is only out to make money is ludicrous because they haven't been making money. They have yet to climb back on the plateau that they reached in 08 before the economy fell on it's ass (and will do so again in the near future!) for whatever reason. My belief is that they are nickleing and diming the customer every chance they get to so they can continue to exist. That is the main goal because they have become so big(bloated) that to it is a near improbability to dislodge them from the market, despite falling profits and bad press. Big publishers claim that development costs are rising but that's not strictly true. Games have been made on budgets and have done quite well; especially that Minecraft game that everybody seems to love. Just to reply to your points:

1. I never voted. These are presumably the same people who complained about the original "Dark Energy" ending when the script got leaked. Wouldn't be surprised if they are the same people who made up the "Indoctrination Theory" to explain away all the inconsistencies and fool themselves that the game was perfect beforehand. Women being sexualised in video games has happened since Custer's Revenge and will continue onward.

2.DLC is planned from the outset parallel to main production. Charging your fans to pay for a central character in a game is absolutely preposterous especially when they claimed it was "After certification". Very cute.

3. No extended cut will be able to fix the damage that's been done to Bioware's reputation unfortunately and I cannot bring myself to watch a brand that made some of my favorite games become some nickel&dimer studio. ME3 is now £19.99 over in the UK and no-one is buying it because of all the hullabaloo over the ending and to a lesser extent; the various other problems with it. (Lousy hit-box detection, glitched ammo, bad writing etc)

I agree with you on the plain fact that a business is to ultimately make money but EA's philosophy on ripping off their consumers isn't a compelling attribute to have.

I have links that may be of interest to you. Take a look at this one:

Also, for Ziggurcat, I've got a little video for you.

Squall50052342d ago

I thought the stupid Left for Dead 2 boycott would be on here.

If you look at pretty much any one of the 17000 members of the L4D2 Boycott group on Steam, you will see that most went ahead and bought the game anyway. Well done lads. Great victory.

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