DiRT Showdown Review | Push-Start

James Steel writes -
"With the DiRT series, Codemasters took a big step in diversifying the rally genre to make it more approachable, and in turn it attracted quite a following. Coming to a head in DiRT 3 with the introduction of Gymkhana, this new gameplay style shook up the series for long-time fans, but acted in an attempt to attract new comers who may be after some more variety. This approach seems to have rubbed off on Codemasters however, as now they’ve split the series in two. We’ll have to wait a little while for DiRT 4, but in the mean time why not get down and dirty with DiRT Showdown, a brash, louder and more action packed racer. Traditional rally racing is nowhere to be found here, and while long-term fans may be a little perturbed by the lack of certain core features, does what’s been added make up for it? Is this a right step for Codemasters, or have the changes made for a broader audience harmed the franchis...

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