New Monster Madness Extreme Screenshots For The PS3

Taking on the role of four intrepid teenagers, players will set out to save their town from the evil that's been unleashed. Southpeak say that the game will have 'tightened controls, a host of mini-games, a polished camera and newly built in extras'.

HEXUS.gaming has some new screenshots.

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Rikitatsu4666d ago

Wasn't this Canceled ?

i didn't knew the PS3 had Another Monster Hunter

Baba19064666d ago

monster madness not monster hunter !

Rikitatsu4666d ago

Lol my eyes Tricked me haha

My bad

titntin4666d ago

The 360 version was a dissapointment - so I'm not going to get too excited by a PS3 version.:)

ChaosKnight4666d ago

Thank you! 4 Player Co-op is what I've been waiting for. =P This is definitely not a AAA title, but the 360 version did put up for a good afternoon of gaming.