Bladestorm - PS3 vs 360 Comparison

Here's a PS3 vs 360 comparison of the Bladestorm Demo.

PS3 - 720p - HDMI/RGB Full/Super White On
360 - 720p Component/Black Level Extended

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leon764666d ago

"PS3 - 720p - HDMI/RGB Full/Super White On;360 - 720p Component/Black Level Extended" - how funny is this now, ahahahah!!!!!

mikeslemonade4666d ago

You're nuts Power of Green you think the HDMI would magically turn the 360 version's dirt ground to have individual blades of glass. The PS3 version is better and the demo has been out since early 2007 on PSN. This game looks like a PS2 game anyway. This shows that even crappy devlopers can make superior PS3 games than 360 games.

Feihc Retsam4666d ago

The PS3 version doesn't look very smooth, or rich.
It looks like there is excess picture noise from the PS3 version for some reason.
Instead of having a lush green look to the grass and trees, everything has a sharp white-ish glare... strange

This is definitely NOT a shining example of a fair comparison...

I'd like to see a side by side comparison of a game that doesn't look like sh*T... And preferably a comparison where the overall video quality doesn't look like it was taped with a VHS camcorder

JsonHenry4666d ago

Why did they turn black level to extended on when only using the component cables hooked up to a TV? The extended option should only be used when connecting the 360 up to a computer monitor that does not have the same default white reference level that TVs have.

Not that it matters, this game looks like total garbage on both systems. But I think that people need to be taught as to WHY you would use something OTHER than the default settings on either console.

Because from reading the posts below I get the feeling that most people have no idea why.

power of Green 4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Didn't watch the vid but they should have used the Elite to kill the excuses.

No real proof this wasn't doctored to further one's agenda. Why wouldn't they use HDMI with the 360? that also defeats the original point Sony fanboys were trying to make.

" i was just asking a question to 360fanboy "

^^ so says the PS3 fanboy thats lucky he dosn't have hundreds of fanboys trying to take his bubbles just becuase folks don't like what you say.

I'v seen rabid trolls saying XBOT, PS3 will rule Sh8Tbox 360 PS# pwns PS3 PS3 PS3 day after day that are maxed out with bubbles whats your excuse?.

Prove to me this video was done fairly becuase the first proof with the NG Sigma before and after comparison should make Sony wan't to leave the gaming industry if Sigma or other games look that bad without /RGB Full/Super White On, they should be sued.

C_SoL4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

ur lame...I can't believe u don't realize that ur a 360fanboy(now he wants to respond, i guess u r a "XBOT") & so ur gonna go cry about it??? i was asking a question, but for get it......just go back into ur hole & cry.

Winter47th4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

It defeats the point of how much of an overrated retard you are, which is a given, try not to compress as much idiocity in one reply as humanly possible will ya, if you don't want to be smacked as a fanboy yourself, then stop calling every disagreeing opinion on this site, a fanboy.

And stop reporting news just cause you don't like it from your narrow-minded point of moronic view and shut news down with no proof, this's called exploiting the system and someone should really consider withdrawing your approving/reporting privileges cause you're misusing'em.

As for the topic, are they comparing any crap they find these days ?

Sez 4666d ago

yeah you are right. if sonyfanboys aregoing to b!tch about GT not using the RGB in the ps3 to make it look more like/or better than the 360 version. than why not be fair and us the HDMI built into the 360 to be fair.

power of Green 4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Thats the old C_SoL I know, never be ashamed of who you are. Thats the 3 bubble C_Sol we all know and love. Don't like Halo all that much anymore so i never watched the video.


I wouldn't worry about the video you should go take a look at the RGB Full Ninja Gaiden Sigma before and after thread.

If games look like 480p without RGB Full; Sony should be in deep sh*t, its either that or somebody doctored the before pic to make the differences more extream. Why should I believe anything any Sony fanboy can whip up?.

MEUS Renaissance or whatever posted those RGB Full threads earlier today' I believe can't remember so don't take it to the bank.

I'v cought him faking news posts before with PGR4, he was using PGR3 pics passing them off as PGR4 pics mixing them in.

I cought him when looking closly and the textures and effects were all wrong and then the ultimate proof was the Plates on the cars themselfs, they said PGR3. If he tries to lie I can easily find the post. lol

omfg_1114666d ago

not every 360 got hdmi ...

what would you do bladestorm comparison video PS3 vs. 6 kind's of Xbox360 verisons ...

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power of Green 4666d ago

WTF did you just say?. Stick to the topics nut. lol

mikeslemonade4666d ago

You're just mad that HD-DVD lost.

Zhuk4666d ago

The Xbox 360 version undoubtedly is superior, with it not only running better but also looking far clearer and crisper. Yet ANOTHER Xbox 360 title that is superior to its PS3 counterpart, what a surprise.

You really think the fandroids would be able to put the evidence before them together and draw the conclusion that the Xbox 360 is the most powerful console on the market, but still they refuse to believe the truth that the Xbox 360 is the greatest games console ever created

digger184666d ago

If the Xbox 360 is the left hand one, then yes it miles better

pswi604666d ago

lol...which its not =)

Left = ps3
Right = 360

Lew_Ijgee4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

I think it pretty obvious that whoever made videos only did so to sort of retaliate in light of the news coming from the GT comments. If you look each of the videos (newly added to the site) were uploaded within a twelve hour period. He turned on Super White mode of the PS3 and use component cables for the Xbox360 almost exactly the opposite of GT comparisons.

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