New Darksiders 2 footage shows off first level

VG247: Last week, Vigil was in London to show off new Darksiders II content to the media masses. Sam Clay chatted to Vigil creative manager Jeremy Grenier last week about the first level.

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god_o_war2341d ago

aww man if this comes to the Vita ill shit bricks!!
still getting the CE day 1.

vikingland12341d ago

I really enjoyed DS1 and this game looks better than it does. Can't wait.

Mykky2341d ago

The gameplay of Darksiders was too repetetive for me -Slashing enemy after enemy with no challenge - to ever finish it. I was only a few hours in so, I can't' really say that it is either good or bad but the start was at least very repetetive! Probably going to finish it sooner or later, definetely if I'm going to buy Darksiders 2.

Although I won't deny that Darksiders 2 looks really epic! Seems lika a lot of improvements has been done.