The Best and Worst Sonic Games

One of the most recognizable characters in history, Sonic has definitely had some greatness and some absolute crap.

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eyeballpauluk4666d ago

damn damn firewall bans GT site lol...ill need to watch later...

Diugu4666d ago

I hope they used the best resolutions and equipment for this video...

R0l34666d ago

ScrewAttack make me laugh, their videos are funny.

VirusE4666d ago

They could save a lot of time by just showing which ones where good. Talking about all the bad sonic games is really time consuming. 1, 2 and the first one on dreamcast were good. Everything else was trash.

Mcrmarcher4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

i loved the 1,2 and third on the sega mega plus i really liked the first one on the dreamcast to.