HD-DVDs are still good

Remember when we said both formats were identical? Scratch that. The PS3 is as far as we know, the only web-enabled Blu-ray player, which allows for firmware upgrades. Most, if not all HD-DVD players have internet capability built in allowing for firmware upgrades constantly. Meaning, if you have a regular Blu-ray player then your video resolution won't look as good as any HD-DVD player.

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mintaro4667d ago

yes, hd-dvd's are still good, not as good as blu-ray but they're still good

ravinash4666d ago

This guy knows jack S*^t!!!
He claims that HD-DVD is region free and Blueray isn't.....thats crap!
BlueRay is also region free. You can get a BlueRay disk from anywhere in the world and play it on any BlueRay player. What sort of reporter is this guy if he can't even get his facts right!

Bubble Buddy4666d ago

HD-DVDs are still good...and so are there excuses. not.

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beoulve4667d ago

Some people doesn't really look into the future don't they. Of course HD-DVD is still good now, but it will be dead down the line. If you haven't bought any HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. Just wait until Summer '08. It's much easier to make a choice then.

Leathersoup4666d ago

... and I'm not gonna buy a Blu-Ray machine until they've reached at least firmware 2.0 which in essence should really be 1.0 because it doesn't look like they have their full feature set yet.

davez824667d ago

sure hd-dvd's are still good, a good paperweight.

General Pinky4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

If they soled a lot of players
Then all those people that got it are just not getting the next-gen features...
I am sorry but that is not right
Sony is just trying to get your money guys...
Why disagree guys..why..this is what i think not plz..say what you got to say..but dont disagree without posting your view

beoulve4667d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Thank you captain obvious.
And Microsoft or Toshiba or Nintendo are giving you money for free???

What else is there left to say if you really think like that.

season0074667d ago

well sure they are rich enough to get whatever newer blu-ray players it will have, why are you poor trolls worrying for them?

if they aren't, they are probably not getting one yet (opps except for those almost FREE HD DVD $99 players....well, which, imo, refering to this topic, are delivering 720p/1080i are they supposed to have better quality compared with 1080p?)...then hey, the average joes got no problem in this format war AT ALL.....because it is already over...

shut up trolls..=)