Activision's reputation "probably unfair" says Spider-Man developer

Big publishers are often slammed for "soul crushing" policies towards developers, and no company has taken more heat in recent years than Activision Blizzard. The Infinity Ward situation and PR backlash that followed certainly didn't help matters. That said, some developers have no qualms with the 800-lb. gorilla, and in a recent interview Beenox studio head Dee Brown defended Activision.

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NovusTerminus2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

My problem with Activision is that they could take chances with new IP's. But all they do is make Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk, CoD and make money off of WoW.

They HAVE the money to throw into new IP's and could get allot of gamers on their side if they did.

But alas they just make the same games year after year.

Treezy5042366d ago

Exactly. They even dropped a promising game that was damn near completion (TCHK) only because they felt that the sales for True Crime: New York City were to low and it wouldn't be worth the effort. I don't get it, it just seems like they are only concerned with sales rather than being innovative and taking a chance to create something new. They have the money... they just need to take advantage of each and every opportunity. Oh well at least Square Enix picked up the game and now we have it in the form of Sleeping Dogs :)

iamnsuperman2366d ago

You have to remember Activision is a company that needs profit to survive. Now they got something really big with Call of duty which everyone knowns them for but if you look at the games they do release, they do try but if a game isn't making money or enough money what is the point of investing in it. Activision have to keep investors happy by consistently making money and not lose money.

Baka-akaB2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

they are way beyond surviving however . They could takes a few chances yet take none . Their rival publishers do while gaining even less money than them .

So imo they got the rep they deserve . You wont get any sympathy from me when you axes 50% of your games to keep stuff like 50 Cent that still failed

Smkt2366d ago

well.. recently the gaming industry has been risky.. makes sense for acti to play it safe.. i mean it just takes around two flop games for a "aaa" developer to go out of business..

RedDead2366d ago

There's a good vid on Youtube about this, it's about EA and Activision basically, when a company gets so big, all they do is worry about making sure the company stays afloat. It's all the higher ups worry about. I'll try and find it but probably won't be able to...Risk/Reward simply doesn't factor in anymore. It's just about maintaining what they have.

StanSmith2366d ago

To be fair, (i'm not a big activision fan), at least they have never used online passes and on disc dlc with their games like EA, Capcom etc have done.

They rely on Call of Duty alot but they have also released new iPs such as War for Cybertron and it's sequel Fall of Cybertron (which has been given 2 1/2 years development).

At this point in time, i'm not so sure if Activision is the worst publisher anymore. Within the past 12 months, I'd say EA and Capcom have surpassed them.

Baka-akaB2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

I can't say i agree , EA and capcom's shady stuff aside , they try a lot of new ips and ideas .

Activision latest new ip were what ? Skylanders and a neat transformers game , but wich is still a licensed property they were milking already .

I dont see how Capcom and EA would be worse , when activision didnt have anything remotely challenging to publish and market such as Mirror Edge , dragon's Dogma , Asura Wrath , MC gee's Alice , Secret World , , Shadows of the Damned , Dead Space and more .

The last time Activision truly tried something difficult or different , they dropped the bucked and "passed" to other publishers , like True Crime/Sleeping Dogs , Brutal Legends ...

Stuff like pass and shenanigans are unimportant imo , i judge the games , and with that criteria , Activision is a big failure imo

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GraveLord2366d ago

That's what people want. We want to play "the same games every year".

At least Activision cares about gamers. How you ask? They don't have online passes on their games. They don't have on-disc DLC. Wish I could say the same for EA.

Hicken2365d ago

They need to do more than that to prove they care about gamers.

Godmars2902366d ago

But earned by their CEO's statements, and company actions like high prices for map packs.

Megaton2366d ago

Reputations are earned.

RememberThe3572366d ago

To be honest we (I) have drawn conclusions from half truths. None of us really know what happens behind those closed doors(The firings). What we do know is that Acti, among others, seems to be on a mission to screw us over. So while this developer my like the people working there, us consumers will keep telling them to blow it out their asses.

Reborn2366d ago

I certainly didn't expect this particular guy, to say anything against them. Did you?

Activision behave in a manner which merits the backlash they get. It's not about being a business, and gaining profit. I'm sure for years to come COD will continue to do just that. Whilst it does that, they could attempt to put out something fresh.

But do they? Nope.

Baka-akaB2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

Yeah his word is kinda irrelevant , with activision bankrolling their games every year .

This time around their upcoming spider-man games seems neat , but for a while every year it was the same crappy to mediocre spiderman cash in games milking .

atticus142366d ago

hes going to forward this interview when his bonus/raise comes up.

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