PlayStation Store Update - 5/22/2012

+ Posted by Grace Chen // Director, PlayStation Store -

Hi Everyone -
There’s much to talk about in this week’s PlayStation Store update, including new PS3 Full Game downloads, an amazing new PS Vita title that takes advantage of the system’s AR (Augmented Reality) capabilities, brand-new PSN games and the return of some fan-favorite PlayStation classics.

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Kran3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )


Damn you Americans. It's a british show and you guys get the game first. Just think how lucky you guys are... :P You get everything before us brits 95% of the time

lashes2ashes3527d ago

Let's hope the game is good. I love doctor who.

Myst3527d ago

I know it didn't release this week but I somehow found myself buying Journey when all I did was just try to download the demo ._.

Krimmson3527d ago

PSN just made an amazing choice for you. You should thank it... aside from paying $15.

Myst3527d ago

Haha that's what my friends are telling me and so far I do like it I'll admit :)

Gratisfaction3527d ago


thrashermario3527d ago

syphon filter YES!YES!YES!