Rumor Killer: Achievements Did Not Disappear, says Major Nelson

According to recent rumors, gamers have been booting up their Xbox 360 only to find that the Achievements they worked so hard to get were gone. The rumor went on to claim that the Xbox Live outages over the holiday break were the cause of the missing achievements. TGR talked to Major Nelson at CES 08 and got the skinny.

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thegamereviews4673d ago

We actually had about a 30 min interview so alot more to come.

cain1414673d ago

It is still nice to get confirmation though...

AngryTypingGuy4673d ago

They do a good job with Live. It'll be running like normal soon.

power of Green 4672d ago (Edited 4672d ago )

You got to admit it was a clever way to smear MSFT if you're anti MSFT. All the confusion had everybody and their *hating mama's* trying to put in some work.

Perfect timing to attack considering it was durring a period where much damage could be done not being able to prove it otherwise fast enough before some damage was done.

Warner Brothers going exclusive caused and still causes rabidness.

poos34672d ago

sony driods are capable of anything even making up story's 24/7 on th net is their specialty.

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