Retrospective Return: Colin McRae Dirt

This time around in Avid Gamer's Retrospective Return they look at Colin McRae Dirt and evaluate whether it still holds up after 6months of competition.

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SynGamer4671d ago

The only major problem this game had was the exclusion of online play...

Fluffy2Duffy4670d ago

Yeah online mode is not that wonderful..i gave up playing online, I loved the game but where is the snow and rain? why did they remove it as it had been in all other Collin Mcrae games series..

GodGinrai4670d ago

this game was a dissapointment .especially when compared to cmr3 and 4 .they were more realistic in terms of hanling and they ran at 60fps on the original xbox.i still play cmr4 thanks to BC.and its still brilliant.which is more than i can say for DIRT,the handling is not as fluid as it used to be,and im worried that codemasters are gonna screw up the toca/race driver series because they want to make it more of an arcade game too.