The future of fighting games

Fighting games are in danger of becoming an irrelevant genre...but what does the future really hold for them?

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THR1LLHOUSE2436d ago

I feel like, to the casual observer, fighting games haven't changed all that much over the years...I'm interested to see where they go. Will they just end up becoming more and more focused until it is just a small niche genre or will they somehow find the balance between getting the crazy competitive players and the more casual fans?

NovusTerminus2436d ago

I do think it is funny, no one seems to remember Guilty Gear or Blazblue when writing anything about a fighting game. It's almost like Arc System Works doesn't exist to them.

They also forgot King of Fighters.

Fighting games don't really need to 'evolve' as a genre, they just have to keep the variety and not get like the FPS market, where everything is a clone of the next.

BB, SF, Tekken, MK, and KoF all play a good bit different.

Kyosuke_Sanada2436d ago

Especially King Of Fighters. I loved how each new version changed the move list for the characters completely to keep fighters on there toes instead of people flying to the Ryu's and Kens in the Street Fighter Universe.

But I really liked Street Fighter 3: Third Strike which I have to admit had the "cahones" to change things up.......

AmkOwns2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Man, if you wanna make a good (3d) fighting game 1.make the fight close up not far away from the camera
2.add some life to the stage you are in example it's a raining stage, add splashes and shit while your moving or throwing moves.
3.Crazy graphics:)
4.everyone's balanced.
5.characters should be unlocked by completing story mode or arcade etc instead of buying them from the freaking online store
6.The best Customization a fighter could have
7.New online modes such as Team battles(Tekken),A tournament mode to unlock crazy shit and stuff, 1on1 practice mode etc
that's all i have should be more

Chrono2436d ago

2D/2.5D fighting games are the best.