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Push Square: "You've got to feel sorry for Double Helix Games, the developer saddled with the challenge of transforming Battleship's big screen debut into an interesting video game. That sympathy comes partially from the realisation that the studio has done an adequate job of combining the tried-and-tested formula of Hasbro’s family-friendly board game with the movie’s baffling sci-fi plot. But while there are redeeming qualities in the game’s underlying design decisions, its limited budget and lack of variety make it a hard game to recommend."

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joab7772339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Yeah, i was pleasantly surprised that gamestop stayed open late for this games release. I was a little disappointed that the pre order bonuses were not that good. They told me they i just missed getting a free gaming pc. They were giving it out to the first 5 ppl to buy battleship and i was number 7. I woulda won but all those damned people were lined up around the block to get some stupid sequels about the devil and a washed up alcoholic. I had to wait 2 hours and it was unbearable. When i finally got it and started to play though, i was quite happy. It brought back all those memories of sitting across from my friends guessing g4 and e7. I sunk ur battleship. I was able to beat it in just under 3 hours. Not bad for $60. Think of all the replay value i got out of the board game. This is a steal. Anyway, i am a little disappointed at the review score but its probably just because he was angry he had to wait in line too. Oh well, i gotta start another playthrough. I missed that awesome shotgun the first time.