The Xbox 360 Delivers A February 'Final Fantasy' Clone That's Fun To… Read?

MTV Multiplayer writes:

Back when I was playing "Final Fantasy X" and not completely loving it, it did not occur to me that one way the developers could have made the game better would have been to include text-based short stories that I could read on my TV.

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Iron Man 24671d ago

Lost Oddysey will be just as bad as Blue Dragon and Two Worlds on the Xbox 360

Mr_Kuwabara4671d ago

If you mean sale-wise then yes but Lost Odyssey has had a lot of positive feedback so it does look like a great JRPG. And even though I doubt that it'll dominate the charts, at least peeps that like this genre will have a great title to play.

I don't have a 360 though, I would've bought it if I had one or if it would've showed up on the PS3 but oh well....

wageslave4671d ago (Edited 4671d ago )

Blue Dragon was terrific - famitsu gave it 37/40.

And, how can Sakaguchi 'clone' his own game?

4 disagrees? Really. What colour is the sky in your fantasy-land?

consolewar4671d ago

of course IMHO, but kind of easy tho.

mikeslemonade4671d ago

To make reading a selling point in the game is pure laziness. If we wanted to read a lot we would have bought a book. I guess this what you have to do with the 360 since it has to fit the game into dvd9s.

PittzBlitz20034671d ago

As far as I can tell, that has always been the intention of an RPG; an interactive book for the most part. They aren't intended to be fast action, run and gun games set in a world with no meaning. They are designed to be captivating stories, set in worlds with history, character, and a context. Now how many actually do this is successfully is debatable, but the whole making the player read is lazy approach sounds a little, well "lazy" on your part.

GunShotEddy4671d ago

I saw the headline and had to click it for the same reason. How can the creator of Final Fantasy clone his own game? He created FF. And Blue Dragon is/was great. *Except for that blasted battle song - "This is the beginning", lol*

mikeslemonade4671d ago (Edited 4671d ago )

Why don't you try reading my comment more than once or you're too lazy? How am the lazy one? Okay I said to make a game to have A LOT of reading(most RPGs don't have A LOT of reading) is pure laziness especially in this day in age. I didn't pay $60 to read something on my HDTV that I could have written. That would piss me off. RPGs are supposed to evolve just like any other genre. Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata proved that by being just good games nothing more.

marinelife94670d ago

I guess they were saving disc space and voice actor salaries.

Or maybe it turns out pretty cool like in Folklore.

witchking4670d ago

When I saw the initial trailers for Lost Odyssey, it looked pretty good. But since then I've seen more of the gameplay (turn-based, yuck) and more of the details around the story... and frankly, I'm just not all that excited about JRPGs any longer... at least not this one. Blue Dragon went into the same pile; my kids wanted it for Christmas so they got it, but I lost interest in it. It's looking like Mistwalker is a middling development house, and not the superpower that MSFT wanted it to become.

fusionboxer4670d ago

If you think hard, i mean real hard, Sakaguchi isn't soley responsible for the entire final fantasy series. It was a combination of ideas from many people within his team and at square. Alot like how Inafune stated that clover leaving capcom wouldn't be a huge blow to the company because the same people who worked on Okami and some of the other clover studios projects were still around.

Also similar to David Jaffe not working on the second god of war, but it still being amazing because the same staff was still there.

Anyway this "cloning" is why blue dragon wasn't as appealing as it could have been because it didn't really feel like a new experience. Sure it had some great cliched characters and amazing visuals, but it lacked in that sense of wonder and amazement i took out of the previous creations this man has done.

At this point we really need innovation. Of course we'll have the die hards that want things to always stay the same, but without innovation we wouldn't have seen FFVII, FFX, Kingdom Hearts, or even FF Tactics. Instead of Sakaguchi trying to take a tried and true formula and bring it into the next gen i'd like something new. That is why i believe he simply is "cloning" his past works. And he's not exempt from that title because he's the creator, but because he's seemingly reusing old formulas.

Anyway LO looks to be great due to the story itself. I've played and enjoyed many games that had boring repetitive game play, but an engrossing story to keep me involved. The text thing is a little scary though...Kind of makes me think of the saying "show don't tell".

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Spike474671d ago

it's just that xbox360 owners don't buy and refuse to buy RPGS in the states.

MS should stick to FPS devs since that's what they're crowd buys.

Lost odyssey should've been on the ps3 aswell.

maybe then it would've done very well in japan.

toughNAME4671d ago

I'm pretty sure Mass Effect sold over a million copies less than 3 weeks

mintaro4671d ago

true, it did exceptionally well, but i think that many people in the states had played it as a shoot first think later game, as with most shooters (although it is rpg first and formost, than a shooter)

wageslave4671d ago (Edited 4671d ago )

Im pretty sure Oblivion sold very well, and got 5 DLC packs that sold so well that the developer gave the last one for free, along with a Thank-you to the fans.

How are the Oblivion sales on PS3 going I wonder....

For lack of a better source mind you, but here goes from vgchartz:
1 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Bethesda 5,343 7.20 0.61m
2 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 2k Games 7,338 7.91 2.34m

So, almost 4:1 Xbox 360 to PS3.

AngryTypingGuy4671d ago

Mass Effect and Oblivion are two phenomenal games. They are western RPG's. Western RPG's will do better on the 360 than eastern RPG's with turn based fighting.

I love M.E. and Oblivion, but don't think that I could ever get into Blue Dragon or Lost Odyssey.

InMyOpinion4671d ago

The sales numbers speak for the 360, the fanboys speak for the PS3...

witchking4670d ago

I think you're right in terms of JRPGs. Americans seem more excited by western RPGs (KOTOR, Mass Effect, etc.). Those sell well.

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toughNAME4671d ago

"it's just that xbox360 owners don't buy and refuse to buy RPGS "

HarryEtTubMan4671d ago

haha Xbox 360 has no good games coming out in 2008 hahahahahha

Rice4671d ago

really mean, the 360 does have games in 08, but its the fact that the PS3 has GREAT games coming out that it makes 360 games dont look as good.

texism4670d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 looks like it might be alright /endsarcasm

felman874671d ago

Am I the only one who liked blue dragon?

GIJeff4671d ago (Edited 4671d ago )

now shut up.

awww just a friendly joke. :(

wageslave4671d ago

I played it through twice, loved it both times.

You're not alone at all. The game got good reviews and sold relatively well... Your not alone at all.

On n4g, every Xbox 360 game is terrible you see... dont believe thier BS.

consolewar4671d ago

let's hope for a sequel.