Max Payne 3 Review | PSEuphoria

Andrew Flores of PlayStation Euphoria writes: "It’s been nine years since we last saw Max Payne lose his family and seek revenge on the ones he loved. Now, he’s living the good life or so we think. Still burdened by his past, Max Payne seeks new refuge in the tropical getaway of São Paulo, Brazil, doing private bodyguard work for a high-end family whom is in need of his service. Having a huge history of violence and detective work, everything seems to be hunky dory for Max Payne after all. However as it turns out, shit hit’s the fan when some unfortunate events happen making Max Payne become the man he once was, reverting back to his old ways of force and violence. It’s time to take a shot of whiskey, and keep that pill bottle nearby, because this is Max Payne 3."

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