Sony Online Entertainment Goes For The Kill With Free-To-Play Shooter Bullet Run

Sony Online Entertainment continues to build on the momentum for its upcoming Planetside 2 shooter. But it’s not the only online shooter in development at the publisher. Developer ACONY Games is creating Bullet Run, a near-future game that turns Reality TV on its head. The new free-to-play online game pits contestants against one another in a fight to the death for fame and fortune. The game will make its debut at E3 in Los Angeles in June.

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Ducky2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

First time I'm hearing about this game, but sounds interesting. Glad to see that devs don't want it to be pay-to-win.

I wonder if the other major publishers will take note of F2P games and try to bring more of them on consoles.
EDIT: Actually, I don't think it lists what platforms the game is on, but I'm assuming it will be on PS3?

ATi_Elite2437d ago

This game looks like absolute CRAP!!!! What a waste of cash and it's better suited for XBox arcade or a PSN download and NOT mine or anyone else's PC.

Planetside 2 is where the real money is at and I CAN NOT wait to get my hands on it!!

Hicken2437d ago

... yes, the free-to-play game "Bullert Run is a waste of cash...

If you wanted to talk about Planetside (or 2, in this case), then why not submit an article about it, instead of wasting space here?

Ser2437d ago

You're acting as if they're forcing you to download it on your PC. lol

On topic: I've never heard of this until now. It'll be interesting to see how this whole thing pans out.

soundslike2437d ago

"Glad to see that devs don't want it to be pay-to-win."

To be fair, anyone can claim that about their game but until players actually form opinions or meta-games around top tier items it may as well be marketing b/s.

Ducky2437d ago

There is no guarantee, but them saying it is the first step.
They might change their minds afterwards, but for now, they want to keep things mostly fair.

GraveLord2437d ago

There will be a bunch of free to play games on PS4.
PS3 is already showing signs of supporting these games, but limited RAM is a huge obstacle for many of these games.

I'm guessing this will be PC only.


Although I agree that we shall be seeing more of those into nextstation (and nextbox if they want to compete), but I don't see how RAM is an issue... The only distinct feature of a F2P is that it's either supported by the buying of character slots, in-game itens and other features or by in game advertising. Both have nothing to do with RAM and both had already been done in PS3.

Other than that, F2P shooter is just like any multiplayer shooter, and I think that pretty much every aspect of multiplayer shooters had been show as possible in consoles by now, despite the 2005 RAM limit.

sinncross2437d ago

I understand that SOE is a different division within Sony in relation to Playsatstion... but this would be really great on the PSN for both the PS3 and PSV.

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BXbomber2437d ago

This is why Sony>>MS seriously u have to be blind to think other wise

Darth Stewie2437d ago

is this game gonna be SOE game like DCUO/Payday on both PC/PS3 or like Planetside 2 only on PC.

metsgaming2437d ago

you would think they would mention something like that, i was thinking the same thing. Looks very meh, but if its free and on ps3 i will give it a shot why not right?

Ducky2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

It seems this game was previously under the name of "Hedone" which was intended for PC/PSN/XBLA.
I suppose that since Sony bought it, they'd probably want to have it on their console.

Guess we'll know once E3 arrives.

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