Turok Demo Gameplay Footage has just published two video, introducing Xbox 360 - Turok's demo only avalaible on the european Market Place for the moment.

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JsonHenry3933d ago

Anyone else think this game looks like garbage?

Doppy3933d ago

The gameplay looks alright. Plays like your average shooter. I need to see more gameplay before I say it sucks. But from this clip alone I've noticed it take too many bullets to kill the dino's. Your better off with arrows which only take 3 hits.

As of now it's an 8/10 at best

urban bohemian3933d ago

Cave fight starting level = generic

desolationstorm3933d ago

Yeah I wasnt to impressed with it, but the outdoor video is much better. Still want to try the demo, but my hopes are not to high.

BlazeXXL3933d ago

wouldve looked sweet in 3rd person (like gears)...

ah well, ill give the demo a shot :)

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