Time Crisis 4: Worst Crisis Yet. 3 / 10 - GR

Game Revolution writes: "Time Crisis 4 suffers from a major identity crisis. By trying to mimic the FPS genre, itis way out of its league. If only Namco had concentrated on console issues instead, like same-screen multiplayer and a more appropriate GunCon, Time Crisis 4 could have been a fun time to share and show off. Instead, it's just a bland shooter with a flimsy toy gun and a big spoonful of "we-know-better" arrogance."

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Merovee3927d ago

Time Crisis has always been crap, at least in my opinion, but Japan eats it up for some reason every time.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3927d ago

nice pic to start flame war troll.

At least use photoshop not ms paint

wageslave3927d ago

Why would I pirate or pay for Photoshop when I can use Paint.NET for free? Here ya go:

titntin3927d ago

Sounds like the 'new features' are not too special.

However, it would appear the arcade levesl are near perfect and intact. Thats good enough for me - time crisis was always an arcade shooter par excellence, and as long as the arcade experience is intact I'm in. Cheesy and loud? You bet. Waste of money? Probably, but its my money to waste, and there will be other Guncon games...:)

season0073927d ago

but if you want an arcade game home, do you buy the whole arcade game machine home? or you buy a PS3 version of arcade port (which does the same thing arcade wise....)

afterall its an ARCADE does perfectly on it and for the bonus feature, yea it might not be perfectly good...but when you emphasize too much on complaining bonus...its like....saying one of those mcdonald's kid meals toys are crap, BONUS feature is BONUS afterall...try review the game not the extras...

or if they just want to rate a game this way, next time they could ignore the core of any new coming games and just emphasize on the mini games or bonus feature that they rarely play...

DTClown3927d ago

Poor review to complain about the extras! dork.

Jamegohanssj53927d ago

The game is good, some people are just biased.