7 Playstation Network games that could use Vita versions with cross platform elements

The Playstation Vita is Sony's newest venture into the world of portable handheld gaming. The system itself is rich in feature and functionality. One such feature that was put to the forefront was the ability to content and/or share with Playstation 3 games.

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tarbis3274d ago

Interesting. It would be good to have these games, but I'd like to see some new ones.

lodossrage3274d ago

New ones would be great too.

This was more in the line of giving the things that already exist second life though

xursz3274d ago

I approve of this list but would also put Awesomenauts in there as well.

lodossrage3274d ago

Honestly, I forgot a ton of games truth be told. But a human hand can only type but so many

Killman3274d ago

*Deep breath* Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix!

*Recovers* Please? I know that you suck now Capcom but that was a game of your good days. My first ever purchase on PSN was HD Remix over four years ago. I want Vita-ness!