Sexism in Gaming Has Nothing to Do With Boobs

From the PlanetPSX feature editorial:

"The point of this article is not to rant on the many video games that use sex to sell, it’s just one woman’s opinion so please take it as such. Granted, the stereotypical skinny and well-endowed female has over-saturated the gaming market and certainly doesn’t paint a realistic picture; But the same thing happens when there’s no in-between for pretty boys in RP games or ripped body-builders among male characters. No, that’s simply sex appeal, and it changes with the times. True sexism can be much more subtle. Many games offer the ability to become male or female, with seemingly no strings attached. However, the dialogue can greatly vary depending on which gender you pick—compare the introduction of characters in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, for example."

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LaurenKB1234443d ago

As a girl I couldn't agree more, great piece!

UltimaEnder4443d ago

It definately doesn't hurt though....


yet the article has a few of them

Sidewinder-4443d ago (Edited 4443d ago )

bollocks article.

Hurdy durrr, sexism, hurdy durr, I like mass effect.


ShaunCameron4443d ago


Just more pointless whining from a group on the outside looking in. Especially a group that the industry wasn't even talking to in the first place.

Jormungandr4443d ago

Honestly her issue seems to be more with men being men and women being women. Frankly this whole "women need to behave like men" bs is every bit as sexist as anything else. It denigrates the great things that make women women. And no I'm not talking T&A.

Here's some truth for you: men and women are different. They are different physically, mentally, and emotionally.

That's not to say they aren't equals. I'm not saying that at all. Nor Am I saying a woman's place is in the kitchen or that a woman can't be head strong and willful (In fact I happen to be attracted to such women).

All I'm saying is that dresses are made for women. That women do, most of the time, take supportive roles in our real world society.

That's not sexism. That's reality. There is nothing wrong with a man wearing a dress or a woman who can punt my ass across a football field. But there's also nothing wrong with dresses being shaped to fit women's curves or the majority of women choosing to inwardly role their eyes and walk away rather than argue the point in open conflict.

In other words... no one should take away the option for a woman to "dress as a man" but no one should demand it ether. But that has more to do with basic human freedom of self determination than gender equality.

And there's nothing wrong with games acknowledging this. Sorry... there's not.

NeoTribe4442d ago

Umm yes there's something very wrong with a man wearing a dress.


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