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User Review : Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

  • Superb graphical design and mind boggling animation
  • Story telling at its finest with acting going above and beyond of this final adventure
  • Absolutely amazing stealth, hand-to-hand combat and gunplay
  • highly minor non game breaking glitches

Seek your fortune (minor spoilers)

I've been a massive Uncharted fan since the first one. While the first one wasn't perfect it had the potential to make a fantastic series, and it did.

9 years later and the story has been wrapped up with Nathan and his brother finding their way to the most infamous pirate in history. What can I say, Uncharted 4 is a technical masterpiece on so many levels you would have to quite literally step on every single square foot of dirt just to feel like you have done everything. The story is simply brilliant with emotional twists and turns from start to finish. Troy Baker voices and acts as Sam, Nathans lost (and thought dead) brother. Whoever though having Nolan North and Troy Baker in the same game with Naughty Dog has the developer deserved a million dollars. Absolutely brilliant what those 2 actors can portray on screen, both dramatically and comically. Of course Richard McGonagle and Emily Rose also have, as expected, fantastic portrayals of their own 2 characters, Victor Sullivan (Sully) and Elena Fisher. It is easy to see that every actor brought their A game to the table and left everything they had on stage and mo-cap equipment.

From the story to the graphics and everything around, Uncharted 4 might be the closest a game will ever get to perfect. Sure, their are the occasional glitches with a texture or maybe some distance rendering issues for a tree or something but one must expect these flaws when you are playing a game as big as Uncharted 4. I mean, come on, you have to be the most nit picky person ever to walk this earth to find enough flaws to warrant this game a 9/10. And I'm talking about actual factual flaws, not opinionated flaws.

Honestly the most beautiful game I have played on a console ever and probably PC too without spending 500$ on a graphics card.
Something that I actually payed attention to in this game because the soundtrack was so epic when it needed to be and so mellow when it needed to be. Also great destruction and explosive sounds and all other sound effects are subtle but very welcome.
I personally loved being able to stealth missions and mark my enemies and take different approaches into battle. Hanging on the edge, using the rope to jump on enemies, pulling enemies off the edge, everything was so fun to do I actually died a couple times to try some new stuff.
Fun Factor
An absolute blast of a game, if you have a PS4 and don't have Uncharted 4, go buy this game right now. You will not be disappointed. The multiplayer is also very fun although can be frustrating however there is nothing wrong with the multiplayer that couldn't be fixed with an update or 2.
Lighting, textures, character models, animation, drawing distances, reflections, water, mud, physics, you name and this game had it. I have never used photo mode so much in a single game.
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