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User Review : Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

  • Sound. Superb Sound Quality{Starkiller, He Is One Cool Character{The Force. Once You Master It That Is
  • Controls. Play It And You Will See Why{Combat. Why Dont Lightsabres Cut Arms Off ??{Lifespan. Even With Achievements It Wont Last Long

Man I Was Looking Forward To This Game For So Long

As a kid I use to dream that I was a Jedi Knight like Luke Skywalker. I worshipped Star Wars like a religion as a kid. When I grew up I even sat through the lesser attempts of Star Wars Episodes 1, 2 and 3. I like Star Wars. And seeing the Lead Up to The Force Unleashed had me excited. Was this going to deliver like the original Star Wars movies ? Or will it flop like the newer movies ?

Well To say that I was underwhelmed is an understatement. I booted up the game with anticipation, even after hearing the mediocre reviews of the game. The trailers for this game were so good, How can it not deliver ? Well now I know why.

The 1st on level on Kashyyk was awesome. Using Darth Vader to decimate the Wookie population was nothing short of fun. I thought that the Wookie textures looked last gen.

Now the graphics of this game had me puzzled. I couldn't help but think that some levels were awesome in textures and some looked boring. Comparing Kashyyk to Raxus Prime is a firm example of this. Kashyyk looked bland, Raxus looked uber detailed. It seemed like some of the levels were rushed and others were detailed to the point where you could almost see a dollar coin lying on the floor.

Controls are terrible. The controls remind me of earlier Star Wars Games. When controlling Starkiller it felt very awkward. Controlling the Force while heaps of fun was quite difficult to master. Once you Master The Force it was awesome. To give you such freedom of the Force was an achievement, albeit a flawed achievement.

Combat was very repetitive. You unlock more combos yes, but you hardly use them. This is where they could of taken something from the God Of War games and made some uber combos that you will want to use. Even the Quick Time Events were very underwhelming. Now I remember in the Movies that whenever aliens saw a Lightsabre, they freaked out and tried to run away. If I was a Jawa I would not try and fight against Jedi or a Sith Lord.

Now the physics in this game are, In My Opinion, Its strength. Yes the physics are Awesome, and even its most harsh critic can't deny that. Picking up Jawas and shooting them into the sky with the Force was my favorite thing to do in the game. But it seems that they focused too much on the Physics and not enough time on the rest of the game. With a bit more time and effort on the rest of the game It could of been alot better.

That being said there is still a lot of good things in the Force Unleashed. The sound is typical Lucas Arts quality. The Music is typical Star Wars which isn't a bad thing. Music in all the Star Wars Movies is top quality, and the same applies here. Storyline is awesome. The whole story played about better than Episodes 1,2 and 3. If they made this a Movie Lucas Arts would of had Star Wars buffs screaming applauses. And Starkiller himself, is a damn cool character.

If I was to sum up Force Unleashed in one sentence, I would say "A Last Gen Game, With Next Gen Graphics" because that's what it felt like to me. Not a bad effort, but I am seriously glad I didn't buy it. Rental at best.

I hope that they keep the engine of this game, because it shows A LOT of potential for future games.

Could Of Been So Much Better. A Bit More Effort In This Department Would Of Made For A Better Game Experience
If There Was More Consistency In The Levels It Would Of Scored Higher.
Like Sitting In A Cinema. This Game Has Awesome Sound.
Fun Factor
Without The Force This Game Could Of Been Alot Worse
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Killjoy30004586d ago (Edited 4586d ago )

Very interesting review. I like the personal connections that you provided at the beginning of the review. It gives life to it, unlike some of the other mainstream media publications I see that post reviews. They sound like robots.

Well, great review, and keep em' comin'.

WengYong4586d ago

I'll do my best to keep it up. I'm almost through Bioshock (on 360 not PS3 though) so I'll be writing a review about it very soon. As soon as I get a PS3 I will be writing some PS3 reviews. I write it like I see it. And bubbles for taking time out to read my review !!!!!!!!!!!

Killjoy30004585d ago

No problem, man. Keep up the good work.