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User Review : SOCOM: Confrontation

  • Enthralling, tense gunplay{Solid community features{Large range of customisable features
  • Clunky and glitchy user interface{Less than impressive graphics{Technical issues

The most enjoy

Before I go any further with this review, let me make it known SOCOM Confrontation is my first experience with a SOCOM game. Right, now that's out of the way, allow me to shed my thoughts on quite possibly the most addictive and enjoyable experiences available to anyone in possession of Sony's magic box.

Confrontation is proof that when it comes down to it, gameplay trumps all, a stripped down, multiplayer only, commandos versus mercenaries tactical shooter that is an absolute joy to play. Despite having some of the worst graphics on the PS3, although it's worth remembering this was initially conceived as a downloadable PSN title, it can keep you glued to the screen for hours at a time while you rescue hostages, capture control points and defuse bombs.

Any good multiplayer shooter requires excellent level design, and Confrontation is no different. The level design is consistently excellent, ranging from middle eastern castles to crumbling urban areas. Each map has a variety of different routes and are filled with tunnels and areas ripe for ambush, be you the one dealing or receiving is another story. Each map also scales up or down depending on the number of players (incidentally, this game allows for 32 player warfare with little to no lag present) in the room, saving you the hassle of wandering round looking for action.

As well as having a set of excellent maps on which to wreak havoc, Confrontation also has a plethora of arms with which to cause said havoc. From standard assault rifles, such as the iconic AK-47, to sniper rifles and shotguns. Each of these can then be customised with a range of different scopes and attachments allowing the user to create a combination for any given map or game mode. What makes this array of guns even more impressive is that they are balanced well, save for one or two, all have their uses.

I previously mentioned the less than stellar graphics, and these are matched with some other technical issues such as pop in, flickery textures and screen tearing. You can be sure this game wont be winning any awards for graphical prowess, audio however, is a rather different matter. The crack of gunfire sounds great both outdoors and in, explosions also give off a deafening bang.

The cut throat nature of the game may scare off the casual Call of Duty fans and as well as the technical issues, there are the more irritating UI hiccups and generally slow menus, but stick with it and you will be rewarded with an immensely satisfying experience, right up there with the best on the PS3. With built in clan and tournament features, this is a game designed to cater to the hardcore and current SOCOM fanbase, which is dedicated enough to keep the game ticking over for years.

In short, if you're looking for a game to dedicate serious time to, then SOCOM confrontation is as good as it gets, my advice is to put the issues aside and immerse yourself into a fantastic shooter, you wont regret it.

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Ray1865367d ago

"Before I go any further with this review, let me make it known SOCOM Confrontation is my first experience with a SOCOM game".

Having never played any of the other games in the series you do not see the serious lack of features that were stripped out of this game. Things that were present in the first game almost 8 years ago. Even the character animation and overall gameplay suck compared to these first games.

This game is a failure that went away from all of the previous iterations, and became the most flawed one in the series. This imo is because /6 tried to put their spin on an already successful franchise. Alienating your core base in an effort to compete with other twitch shooters will always be a recipe for failure. Though honestly if it would have not been released with the Socom name I probably would not have been expecting so much. It is currently a mediocre 3rd person shooter at best.

This does not even take into account the absolutely horrid release, and things not working after five 500mb patches.

Socom: Confrontation 4/10

Marquis_de_Sade5367d ago (Edited 5367d ago )

I'm not comparing SOCOM Confrontation to full retail PS2 SOCOM games by a different developer, I'm reviewing the game on its own mertis. You're implying I'm not allowed to review this game because I haven't played any of the previous iterations, which is nonsense. Also in relation to the release, I have only just started playing the game, so that's not something I can comment on.

y0haN5363d ago

"I'm not comparing SOCOM Confrontation to full retail PS2 SOCOM games by a different developer, I'm reviewing the game on its own mertis."

You should, SOCOM's about the multiplayer. They only worked on the multiplayer. It isn't even as good as SOCOM 1.

Tiberium5361d ago

yeah I don't know how he could give it a nine with all those problems. I think I'll pass and get MAG instead.

Horny5367d ago

i agree with the review, its an insanely fun game that actual requires skill and practice unlike most twitch shooters nowadays. The only thing i disagree with you on is the graphics, they are really not that bad, it looks better than warhawk. I loved all the previous socoms especially 1 and 2 and this one is not too bad compared to those but I really cant wait for MAG and SOCOM 4.

Tee7soo5367d ago

thx for the review , i really don't know should i but this game of Killzone 2 ?

Marquis_de_Sade5367d ago

A tough one, Killzone 2, even if you don't enjoy the multiplayer aspect, is well worth playing for the epic single player campaign. Also ,if you're not aware of this, Killzone 2 has just gone platinum, so can be picked up on the cheap, so maybe you can get both.

TooTall195367d ago

I got both of these games day 1, and they are both good. KZ2 is an expensive masterpiece and is 2nd only to Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the N64

Marquis_de_Sade5367d ago

I wouldn't put Killzone 2 in that category, technically it's awesome, with superb graphics, animation, physics and lighting. The gameplay however, while not poor by any means, doesn't quite hit the same heights.

TooTall195366d ago (Edited 5366d ago )

but it is an amazing experience. It is the only game that I can say I have played for well over 100 hours. I can see why people don't like it, but it honestly is my 2nd favorite game without a doubt. Not many people share my opinion here I guess.

Edit: My favorite thing about SOCOM would have to be the guns. The FMAS G2 is downright nasty up close

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Ron_Burgundy5367d ago

it is so fun to play, especially with friends and the communication in this game is great. Just good fun

Socomer 19795367d ago

I dissagree on the graphics opinion though.
i believe the graphics are wonderful. i understand what you mean by less than steller because i also play metal gear online and the graphics for that game are incredible.

gameplay and sound is where socom shines!
there is no other shooter roght now that comes close to the intensity and nails gunfire dialog the way socom does. 2 weapons that will scare you into caution are the ameli light machine gun and the grenade. if you hear it? RUN!

I let my cousin borrow my killzone 2 for a while and have been playing socom everynight. I have surround sound which is fantastic with the proxy chat feature but even better for the late nights i have a surround sound headphones that i crank way up to deafening levels. today, i dont hear so good.

theres nothing better than watching a few episosodes of Generation Kill and then playing some rounds of socom. you have no choice but to communicate and get some.

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LOOK_AT_THIS_I2464d ago

Baffles me as to why they have not done anything with this franchise. Seeing as how it was #1 on the official PlayStation poll.

With all the trash put up weekly on the App Store why has nobody done a clone of this yet. I've been playing Defiance as my go to 3rd person since 2013 but still nothing like that old school Socom/Socom 2 up all night gameplay.

ONESHOTV22464d ago

the only game on that list that's like socom is wild land if you want socom type games then you will have to invest in a PC

USMC_POLICE2464d ago

You are looking at the view point I.e 3rd person view. Rainbow six siege is probably most like socom aside from H-Hour

Majin-vegeta2464d ago

Army training grounds its F2P.

ion6662464d ago

Insurgency Socom mod perfect adaption. Play it

C-H-E-F2464d ago

RAINBOW SIX: is the closest you'll get to Socom.

Also, in response to @lookatthisi

They let go the creators, and I think socom is a game that's hard to clone even the creators had a hard time making Socom 2, Socom 3.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2463d ago

No way man. The devs at Trion made Defiance. I know different genres different games but this could have very easily turned into a war game rather than a kill the mutants/aliens games. Ghost recon actual gameplay is about the closest to the old Socom feel due to the squad format and team commands but it was still clunky at times. Using the wheel was cumbersome to command teammates and strategies on how you approcahed a scenario.

FFS you could control your teammates with a microphone in the ps2 days. You can't tell me that it is that hard when people throw up mods on the pc all the time that mirror the original games using random game engines. These are professionals with money/tech that most people don't have access to.

(Seth Luisi was the problem at zipper, he tried capturing ghost recon/cod fans with Socom by slowly turning the Socom series into Frankenstein GR/COD lite games)

C-H-E-F2463d ago

Getting that feel, that rush being the last one alive, Rainbow Six is the closest I got to that feeling since Confrontation. And we all know that was a horrible Socom, but looking back at it, SC was a great game just had a horrible release.

I didn't play defiance, but ghost recon is and was trash.