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User Review : PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

  • The Visuals
  • Fun, engaging gameplay
  • The Rivalry Meet ups

Does This Game Do The Fans Justice?

PlayStation All-Stars has always from the time is was announced was always labeled as the Super Smash Brothers rip-off and at first glance it is. But as far this review goes, that is as far as the comparisons of the two goes. While played on the Vita, the game is great and plays the same on the PS3. A lot of my online play was with cross play between both consoles.

PlayStation All Stars is a mash up of 20 characters spanning almost 20 years of the PlayStation's life span with beloved characters like; Parappa the rapper and Sir Daniel to new characters like; Cole and Nathan Drake. With 14 different stages that are mashed together from 2 different games. The mash up work well together and really show the nature of the where and how far some of Sony characters have come. I might be alone, but playing on certain stages make me want to try out that stages game. Make the presentation of the game one of the best aspects.

Gameplay: 9

The game can be play two ways; As a fighter and as a brawler. There are up to 4 characters on the screen, while the matches can be played as 1v1, 2v2, 1v3 or 1v1v1v1. Playing one on one is best played, if you are going for the fighter aspect of the game while it can be done with 1v1v1v1, and gain a great amount of AP (Will get into this in a bit) faster is how most of the online and story mode matches will play out.

The only way to win at this game is to gain AP. You gain AP by hitting your Opponent(s) to build up and perform a super. A super has 3 levels with the first one being the short and can only get you a quick kill of 2 if performed at the right time. While your level one super and for some level 2 supers can be dodged and or canceled by an attacking opponent. The third support is the strongest and has an epic opening to let your foes know that it's coming.

Music/Sound: 8.5

From the start of the game, you will get introduced to a great opening cinematic with a great song. Each level has an amazing song attached to it that comes from it's respected game. They are remixed to blend the two songs/themes together, my favorite theme and stage is Inversion; A killzone inspired stage. The characters have some great voice work done and you can hear when they meet their rivals, do a Super or just when you pick them in the character select screen. While all that is great and everything, it will get old and you just worry about the gameplay and that is the most important part of the game.

Graphics: 9

The visual presentation of this game is amazing, but some of the stage visuals don't match some of the others. The characters models and looks are great and look like they sound. Another nod to Superbot, but the loading screen where you see the characters you are about to fight can be a downer. You can see that some work needed to be done there. It's a good thing you don't see it as often.

Story: 7.5

The story is this game feels rush. There I said it. What you want more? You want to know I say such a thing? Okay, here it goes.

The games story (Arcade Mode) is based off of the "rivalry System." While it sounds great, there is not much to it. There is no real build up for some of the characters and they seem to only fight because of something someone said to the other. The boss battle is a joke. There is no epic boss battle nor an epic kill in placed for the character. I hoped for so much more. While that doesn't stop you from playing the game and learning why each character sets out on their quest. While the Rivalry meet ups is not the best, the reason the character sets out on it's quest is better and the end result is worth getting and beating the boss.

Top notch for the type of game. With a few out of place textures in some levels.
Great sound from both the characters and the stages.
Fast paced and engaging.
Fun Factor
Good by yourself, but better with others.
The game is far better online with others. Once you get use to a character and learn how the game plays. All the fun you will be having, will be with others.
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WeAreLegion2159d ago

Great review, sir!

I am a little disappointed by the stories, as well. :/ I had an idea years ago, when I made up a concept for a Sony brawler.

It was a kid who played video games to escape his home life, including his abusive father. Yes, it's a little dark, but I think gaming is about finding beauty in the darkness; escaping the world around us.

360ICE2159d ago

Wow, I think that'd be way too dark for this game. But what the hell, what if the father one day came home more drunk that usual, and say "why so serious?" He'd take a knife and put it in the boys mouth, saying "let's put a smile on that face."
Then in the last second Jak would come in and shoot the father. Then Sly would steal the kid's possessions, the kid would get really angry and swear revenge on the PlayStation characters, hence becoming Kratos.

NeXXXuS2158d ago

I laughed pretty hard at that XD

Heavenly King2154d ago

I think your story sucks XD

WeAreLegion2154d ago

I think that's the problem with writing a story. No matter how good or bad it is, many people are going to hate it.

Ultr2154d ago

My Story would have been:

Polygonman is the abandonned mascot of Playstation and he got replaced with all the characters that ARE in the games:
The characters are take out of their games by an unknown power!!! (Polygonman) They get taken out into this world and they need to win this tournament to get back into their Gameworld.

I actually think that is the point of the gamesstory anyway, BUT they failed at bringing it to the player.
At the end of every arcade mode they get back to their games with special powers tough, but nobody tells you anything. They could have made more :)

Great game nontheless, gameplay is absolute stellar

Blastoise2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

I feel this game got judged a little unfairly by the critics. Far too many comparisons to smash bro's. IGN's video review even includes Smash bro's gameplay, which I thought was a little unprofessional. As well as hating on the third party characters instead of talking about how they actually play.

Anyway, yeah. Strange how all the reviewers insist on Smash Bro's comparisons, yet never mention how Brawl's single player was a complete drag.

Reverent2159d ago

Granted, I think IGN's review was pretty fair as far as scoring went. PSASBR is no doubt an incredible game, but it has its fair share of flaws, of which are only going to make its sequel a much better game in the future. (Assuming there will be one, which I'm positive there will be.)

izumo_lee2159d ago

Although i agree that the story is kinda unfinished it still feels like something from every other fighting game story. Simple but gets to the point of just beating up the other guy.

For me i love the 1v1 matchups cause they are pretty intense & last quite a while. Been playing it offline with a buddy of mine & it tends to be like a game of chess trying to out think each other. Very cool & super fun.

Yes the game has flaws but so did the original SSB. It wasn't until the release of SSB:M that the series took off & i can see the same happening with PSAS. If & when a 2nd game is announced that is where we hope to see Superbot take this even further. There is a lot of potential for this to be another one of Sony's long line of solid titles.

Godchild10202159d ago

I agree. I hope if there is another game, they add a knock out mode similar to the way the boss battle plays out. I'm not to bother with the roster size, its good enough for its first game and will get better with the addition of of DLC. As much as people hate them, I can't wait for Kat and Emmett.

I never played the SP of Smash Brothers, only online.

izumo_lee2159d ago

I think if they can add both a 'knockout mode' & still keep the 'super kills mode' as options on the menu it will ease many peoples minds. I understand that the super kills mode is a way for this game to differentiate itself from SSB but it can only do more good than harm if they add the other.

I said in another post that what PSAS had done better than SSB is that online component of the game. Superbot has done a good job polishing that component of the game, it is too bad that more polish was made for the rest of the game but nonetheless it is still a romp & highly entertaining.