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User Review : Far Cry 2

The story may not be amazing, but the word immersive comes a few times.

Well your mission is simple go to Africa and kill a guy named the Jackal that is providing weapons to the many African's there causing a lot of violent things. When you get there you get Malaria....yay! Thus the game begins...The game takes place around 2 waring factions the APR and the UFLL. Getting around will be fun at first with how massive the map is. There are various cars and Jeeps with machine guns all over the place but you will be attacked...A LOT. Enemies are every where around the map. Diamonds are the currency in the game you get them by beating missions but there are also 221 diamond cases spread across the world containing 1-3 diamonds in each....getting them all can be a real pain though. There is bus transportation but they only take you to the outskirts of the map. You will also meet a bunch of buddies along the way that will also give you missions as well. Buddies can rescue you if it says there buddy-ready but if they are injured you can do either 1 of 2 things save them with a Syringe(that's how you heal but ill get to that next) or switch to their side arm and kill them with it to ease the pain. As I was sayign you use syringes that are full of morphine to heal you. When you are down to critical health and start bleeding to death you press the same button that you use to heal with the syringe to stop whatever is causing the pain, it is a cool animation that usually involve you pulling a bullet out of your arm or fixing your broken hand.

There are a total of 28 weapons in the game and you can upgrade all of them. You can carry 3 at a time a Primary, Secondary and a Special, you also have a machete on you at all times as well. The controls are excellent being the same as Call of Duty 4 except that there are no special grenades.

Online is 16 players with the basic game types. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Diamond(Flag), and Uprising(which is a mix of Halo 3's Land Grab and VIP). Uprising is probably the most unique(actually the only unique game type) out of all of them, The object of the game is to kill the other teams captain. To do this you have to take 3 spots on the map, which the other team can take back, then you are able to kill the other teams captain and win the game (The captain can die as many times before all 3 are captured) also the only people that can capture the key points are the captains themselves, the only real downside to the game mode is that the captain NEVER changes who ever is captain at the start is always the captain. I don't know if this is a downside but, if neither captain is killed for good before the game ends, no matter how many key spots one team holds its always a draw.

Now on the reason why you will probably by this game. The Map editor you can make a map out of everything its almost like photo shop how in depth it is. You can control everything to how cloudy it is, to how many trees or what time of day it is. There is no multiplayer simultaneous editing though like Halo but its understandable to how much stuff you can interact with in the game. You can also download other users maps that people upload also.

There are some major downsides to the game in general
-The A.I. Its stupid. Really stupid. The only time they are dangerous is when there in insane numbers.

-Multiplayer is a complete knock off of COD4. With less customization.

-The story is Average

Overall its a great game but don't expect an amazing Story or multiplayer.

[N4G Edit]: This review was originally posted on my Gamespot profile on November 1st 2008. Also I don't have my 360 anymore if I didn't state it before.

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RedDead3689d ago

You forget to take the repetitive factor into it. Some games repetitiveness completely removes all things that are actually good about it.