Broken Omen Teleport Spot on Valorant Sunset Map Demands Immediate Attention

Broken Valorant Agent Omen Teleport Spot

The Valorant community is buzzing with discussions about a newly discovered glitch. Omen, a controller agent in Valorant, is exploiting an unintentional advantage on the game’s newest Los Angeles-based map, Sunset. This broken Omen teleport spot allows him access to elevated vantage points, giving him an edge over other Valorant players. With the rise of such glitches, immediate intervention from Riot Games would be crucial to maintain game integrity.

Is Omen’s Unintended Advantage a Glitch or a Game-Changer on Sunset?

Omen has become a meta-controller agent on Valorant’s Sunset map, not solely due to his typical in-game abilities. His Shrouded Step offers the capacity to reach unintended higher positions that most other agents can’t, signalling an urgent need for Riot Games to intervene.

A Reddit user revealed a significant teleport spot that lets players sneakily peek over the green Radianite box in A-Main. This advantageous position can catch off-guard any enemy advancing through Mid Top or approaching from B Boba towards Mid Top or Defender Spawn.

Players looking to replicate this should position themselves just outside the mid-top entrance toward Defender Spawn. From here, adjusting Omen’s hand movements will allow them to find the teleport location atop the spherical structure. Mastering this Omen teleport in Valorant becomes possible with some practice, though its use might be questionable.

However, before players exploit this in their ranked Valorant matches, it’s vital to remember that this is a bug, not an intentional gameplay feature. Using such bugs can result in Riot taking action against the offending account. An employee from Riot Games acknowledged the issue, hinting at an impending hotfix.

But while discovering this bug isn’t being celebrated, the community’s reaction to Riot’s response varied. Some comments light-heartedly referenced popular gaming memes, while others expressed genuine concerns about potential nerfs to Omen in light of this discovery.

This is one of many glitches related to Omen in Valorant’s Sunset map. Several unintended teleport locations allow Omen’s Shrouded Step to place him in strategic positions, including a spot on the roof near the Radianite box in A Site.

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